Smallville Producers Preview Two-Hour Episode

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As almost all Smallville fans know by now, the series airs its first two-hour episode this Friday night.

It will feature the Justice Society of America, Justice Society of America, as Chloe has a runin with a former member,  Icicle, and chaos ensues from there.

Clark and his burgeoning Justice League soon realize they aren't the only ones out to save the world, as producer Brian Peterson previews "Absolute Justice" and says:

“None of our characters knew that a society [of heroes] had existed before them. They thought they were the pioneers.”

Below, check out a clip from this special episode:

[video url="" title="Absolute Justice Clip"] [/video]

Meanwhile, comic book writer Geoff Johns (who wrote the episode) told TV Guide Magazine:

“The JSA has been disbanded for quite some time, for various reasons that are uncovered in the episode. Now someone is targeting them, so Clark and his team of heroes [have to] get involved.”

Expect this installment to feature:

  • Serious Lois meddling;
  • The return of Martian Manhunter;
  • The appearance of villains such as Checkmate and Amanda Waller.

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