Terry O'Quinn on Smokey: He Has a Plan

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Terry O'Quinn should already have an Emmy Award locked up.

His performance on "The Substitute" was notable for multiple reasons, the most impressive being that he actually played two contrasting characters in one hour: A sideways version of John Locke, more serene and at peace than we've ever seen him before; and an anger-filled, focused, on-island monster.

In a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, the actor focuses on the latter role. He doesn't reveal any specific Lost spoilers, but he does give us an idea of what's ahead...

On Smokey: [He] has a plan and he has an objective, and he’s working toward it. The question is, ‘Is it for his own good or for the good of everyone?’ That’s still up for debate.

On Smokey's goal: There’s some recruiting that goes on. We’re doing an episode now called “The Last Recruit.” He has a purpose. As you know, all of a sudden, they’re establishing all these rules. “You can’t do this unless this…” It’s like a children’s game... So the recruiting has to do with fulfilling the rules.

Fake Locke

That reveals... very little. But do you really wanna be spoiled anyway? Isn't the fun of Lost just sitting back and letting this incredible TV show take you places no other series has ever dared?

You can read the complete interview at EW.com.

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