The Office: Casting for Michael's Girlfriend

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As loyal fans of The Office, we're big fans of Holly and would like nothing more than to see this adorable character end up with Michael.

But, let's face, she appears to have moved on. Therefore, it's refreshing to see that Michael may soon be doing the same.

“Michael is going to meet someone,” said producer/writer/portrayer of Toby, Paul Lieberstein. “It’s one of these set-ups where a bunch of people go out and you don’t know you’re being set up.”

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So, what happens when Michael discovers what’s going on? Lieberstein told Entertainment Weekly: “He kind of flips out and goes into ‘date mode.' And it goes in a weird direction from there.”

The love interest will debut this spring, as casting will soon get underway.

As for Holly, might she end up with Michael in the end? Lieberstein would simply say: "I’d love to see her back.”

He isn't alone. Until then, remember to catch up on your favorite The Office quotes every week at TV Fanatic.

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