TV Fanatic Forecast: What Lies Ahead?

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The TV Fanatic staff has returned with our weekly Forecast of what's to come on various sitcoms and dramas.

If you have a spoiler-related question about your favorite show, send it to and we'll respond to it as we've responded to the inquires below...

Will Scrubs return in the fall? (Eric, Fort Lauderdale FL)
ABC won't reveal the fate of the sitcom until May, but the outlook was negative enough until this: Donald Faison has signed on to lead a new pilot.

Will Eric actually hook up with Sookie this season on True Blood? - Sage, Austin, Texas
There will continue to be sexual tension between the pair, but no True Blood spoilers reveal any actual sex. We will meet both of Eric's parents in flashbacks, however. We'll also see him topless a lot, so female readers can stop asking us about that. Every single day.

TV Fanatic Forecast

Is Alaric's wife dead on The Vampire Diaries? - Elizabeth, Pontiac Michigan
The actress that plays her, Mia Kirshner, is booked for more appearances. Make of that what you will. (Our theory: she's alive... if you count being a vampire as "alive.")

Will any familiar faces pop up this season on 24? - Dan, Portland, Maine
Yes. We'll see Aaron again because, well, we always see Aaron on 24. President Logan will pop up again, too, hopefully adding excitement into what's turning into a lifeless season.

Is Kristin Kruek really guest-starring on Fringe? - Brian, Auburn, Washington
That's the rumor. If it takes place, look for the actress to appear on the episode titled "Northwest Passage." Also look for the actress in the fall: she'll star in the new Josh Schwartz sitcom Hitched.

Anything on the NCIS season finale? Will there be a cliffhanger arc like last season? - Tom, Portsmouth, RI
From what we've gathered, it will go down as one of the big episodes in the show's seven seasons. As for who's involved, we would bet on (and hope for) something involving Gibbs and Allison Hart (Rena Sofer), whose lawyer love interest character will be back March 2 and at least once more after that. Rena Sofer fun fact: she's also playing a love interest for Booth on Bones this spring. Gibbs and Booth could have worse taste ...

What's the deal with Jim and Pam's baby on The Office? Hasn't she been pregnant for like a year? Is she even showing? - Isobel, Newport, OR
Pregnancy does take nine months, we're told, so it stands to reason it would take awhile. Point taken, though. We'll get to meet him or her in a matter of weeks, regardless. Save the (due) date of March 4!

Is Jersey Shore Season 2 been announced I can't wait for the guidos and guidettes to be back in A.C. ... so I can beat the crap out of Ronnie! - Frankie, Atlantic City, NJ
Um, dude, first of all, chill. You're barking up the wrong tree with that 'roided-up nut job. He will break you and everyone else. Did you not watch Season 1? Second, we have good news and bad news about the return. The good: There will be a Season 2. The bad: It will be in Miami. Well, that's actually good news, too, if you live anywhere BUT Miami ...

Mike and Snooki

Please tell me Chuck and Blair aren't really breaking up on Gossip Girl. Are the rumors true? What could possibly drive them apart? - Nelly, Omaha, NE
Blame Jack Bass. Blame. Jack. Bass.

Who will Jake choose on The Bachelor finale? - Kelly, La Habra, Calif.
From what our sources say, not who you want him to. Unless you want him to pick Vienna, in which case you probably need to see a therapist, Kel.

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