24 Round Table: LOOK INTO JACK'S EYES!

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There was a lot to like about this week's episode of 24, following an hour that stuck to a simple, tight, emotional storyline.

Of course, because this is 24, there was also a lot to make fun of... in the most affectionate way possible, that is.

A trio of TV Fanatic staff members has gathered below. We encourage reader feedback on the following questions and topics...

Eulogize Marcos.
M.L. House: Your bug eyes will be missed almost as much as the Presidency of Wayne Palmer, on whose shoulders you and your father's deaths both reside. He always sucked compared to his brother.

LJ Gibbs: Marcos always looked good in a vest. Unfortunately, in the end, it became a look he could not pull off.

The Barnacle: Alas, poor Marcos!  I knew him, Jack, a fellow of infinite suicide vest, of most excellent hyperbarity.

24 RT - depreciated -

Is that Bill Prady guy really Kevin's parole officer?
M.L. House: Probably. He lost his job at Initech, had his stapler taken away and needed a new vocation. Becoming Kevin's parole officer seems as logical as anything in this storyline.

LJ Gibbs: I've been on parole, okay? Yeah, what of it? And I can tell you that those parole officers are barely a step above the cons they're watching. I have no doubt this Prady guy is up at 3am, searching for Kevin.

The Barnacle: No. He is the sous chef from Sergei's restaurant.

Less shocking: That Tarin is actually a bad guy, or that President Hassan's hair still has not moved?  
M.L. House: I thought Tarin was a bad guy from the first time I laid eyes on him. The dude is Middle Eastern!

LJ Gibbs: The hair. He's been under stress and hasn't even run a hand through that thing!

The Barnacle: Most shocking is the height disparity between Tarin and the First Daughter.

Did you miss Renee this week?
M.L. House: Yes, but I understand why she was gone. She was trying on promise rings after learning that Jack really did mean what he said on the phone a couple hours ago.

LJ Gibbs: I hope she was busy cleaning Jack's apartment and cutting up bread and cheese for him for when he gets back. Because if she wasn't... he's going to rape her.

The Barnacle: Who?

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