90210 Spoilers: Jasper Drama, Adrianna Singing and More!

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While we've already told you the 90210 season finale will be all about Naomi, Shenae Grimes has weighed in, saying "the finale is so shocking that you'll never see it coming."

Shenae Grimes on the Beach

Grimes tells E! Online: "I did a hit-and-run, so you wouldn't think it could get much worse, [but] it's going to give everyone a new leaf to turn when we're back next season."

E! Online, who has already seen upcoming 90210 screeners, also confirms there will be more Jasper.  Even though Annie stood up to him, Jasper's crazy streak will continue, possibly getting someone killed off.  Even when Annie is ready to turn herself in, Jasper's desire to maintain a grip on her will stop her from doing so.

Soon, we'll also be hearing Jessica Lowndes singing, as Gia convinces Adrianna to share her vocal talents via a chick band.  Things get bad for Adrianna when one of her bandmates ends up dating Navid. Awkward!

Turns out Adrianna isn't over her ex-boyfriend, leading to Gia confessing her love to Ade.  Also of note: the girl that Navid ends up dating has already been seen on 90210, just not as a regular cast member.

Meanwhile, hopefully you don't get sick of the Silver and Teddy trust issues, because soon they'll get over them and move on with a real relationship.  In other relationship news, Ivy will continue to be a thorn in Naomi and Liam's love life.

Finally, at the Wilson home front, Dixon's birth mother will move in or a few days and send Deb into the arms of another man... and poor Dixon into a dangerous addiction.

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