American Idol Review: Siobhan Magnus is Magnificent

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Last week on American Idol, Michael Lynche, a.k.a. "Big Mike," moved Kara to tears with a performance that was, up until last night, the best of the season by any measure.

Siobhan Magnus gave him a run for his money with "Paint It, Black" Tuesday, however, running away with the competition on this Rolling Stones-themed American-Idol eve.

Early favorite Crystal Bowersox turned in a serviceable and folksy version of "You Can't Always Get What You Want," but on this night, she was playing second fiddle at best.

The men? Michael Lynche was his typical, solid self, while Aaron Kelly really stepped up. Tim Urban's reggae version of "Under My Thumb" may have been his last on Idol.


It may be too early to call this a three-horse race between Crystal, Siobhan and Mike, but that's what it looks like now. None of the remaining Top 12 performances matched theirs.

We have no idea who is going home, but that's not a compliment ... there are plenty of prime candidates to pack their bags. As Rolling Stones fans, we expected more from some.

What do you expect from a bunch of youngin's, though?

Who was your favorite performer last night? Anyone in particular stand out to you besides Big Mike, Crystal and Siobhan? Who do you think is going home on the results show?

TV Fanatic's tiered rankings from last night, in order ...


  1. Siobhan Magnus, "Paint It, Black"
  2. Michael Lynche, "Miss You"
  3. Crystal Bowersox, "You Can't Always Get What You Want"
  4. Aaron Kelly, "Angie"


  1. Lee DeWyze, "Beast of Burden"
  2. Didi Benami, "Play With Fire"
  3. Paige Miles, "Honky Tonky Women"
  4. Casey James, "It's All Over Now"


  1. Katie Stevens, "Wild Horses"
  2. Andrew Garcia, "Gimme Shelter"
  3. Lacey Brown, "Ruby Tuesday"
  4. Tim Urban, "Under My Thumb"

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