American Idol Viewers Almost Get Eliminations Right

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In most cases, three out of four is a solid percentage. Imagine if a baseball player got a hit 75% of the time he came to bat.

But even when American Idol viewers eliminate the proper contestants 75% of the time, we can't help but focus on the one they got wrong. We'll try to work on this negative attitude.

Until then, we must ask: Michelle Delamor over Lacey Brown? Really?!? Has the latter proved her voice is impressive enough to compete with this season's semifinalists? At all?!?

Delamor, meanwhile, has come across as stiff occasionally... but it's at least conceivable to see her vocal skills propelling her toward the finals. Brown has no chance.

Farewell, Haeley
Goodbye, Jermaine Sellers

As for Haeley Vaughn, Jermaine Sellers and John Park? Goodbye and good luck. One of you smiled way too much (like a scary doll of some kind); one of you couldn't carry a tune and talked about God in a weird way; and there was nothing unique about the third one of you.

After the performance of Crystal Bowersox this week, we know we shouldn't really complain about anything. But we still would have liked to see Delamor performing on stage next week, instead of sitting at home.

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