Best of Gossip Girl Quotes: "The Empire Strikes Jack"

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Between Chuck's family and hotel drama, Blair and Jenny's fashion show exploits and a heavy dose of Dorota, memorable lines about in last night's Gossip Girl episode, "The Empire Strikes Jack." Below, we've added some of our personal favorites.

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Here's what we've got so far ...

Eleanor is Back
Eleanor: Feed the masses, eat with the classes! | permalink
Chuck: What is this leech doing stuck to my hotel? | permalink
Dorota: Miss Blair, you have no friends. Even NYU minions very second-rate! | permalink
Eleanor: High-end has fallen on hard times. Mr. Conwell can put my line in over 5,000 retail locations. | permalink
Blair: There's something about waking up on the morning of a fashion show, the smell of fresh pleats wafting through the city. | permalink
Brandeis: Can I help you?
Dorota: I am Dorota. | permalink
Eleanor: One of the things that makes Waldorf women so special is that they don't fit in everywhere.
Blair: I don't feel like I fit in anywhere. | permalink
Nate: [to V] Two words for you. Role play. | permalink
Dorota: Baby beat Dorota's stomach like Lars from Metallica. | permalink
Blair: What? My mother said she wanted me to pack the crowd with wholesome American girls.
Serena: So you hire escorts. B, you couldn't just tell your mom you don't have friends at NYU?
Blair: Prostitutes are people too! And they have a lot of disposable income. | permalink
Serena: How's the Congressman doing?
Brandeis: He's polling very well these days. | permalink
Blair: [on Cromwell's] Where Bristol Palin shops? | permalink
Rufus: As hard as it is for me to believe, there's something more important in life than waffles. I'm not going to let you sit one more day cooped up in that apartment. | permalink
Chuck: What's going on here?
Jack: Isn't it obvious? You've been played, Chuckie! | permalink

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