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South Park returns with new episodes in just under two short weeks, but we still can't wait that long!  That's why we've gone back and added season four quotes for you.

Season four was an epic one for the boys of South Park and had long term repercussions.  Why?  Because it was the only year in the show's 13 seasons that the boys have aged. 

Finger Bang Picture

That's right, season four was the season in which the boys entered "4th Grade."  Don't worry, season four had plenty of other memorable moments as well.

Whether it was Cartman's trapper keeper attempting tot ake over the world, Satan reuniting with Saddam Hussein, or the formation of the ultimate boy band, Finger Bang, it was a great season.

Just check out some of our favorite South Park quotes and be sure and vote for your favorites:

Chef: Well look at you cute little crackers with your money and your fancy clothes and your cell phones. It's almost like you wereOh my God! Children, what have I told you about drugs?
Stan, Kyle, Cartman, and Kenny: There's a time and a place for everything and it's called college. | permalink
Judge: I am making an example of you to send a message out to people everywhere: that if you want to hurt another human being, you'd better make damn sure they're the same color as you are. | permalink
Kyle: Those contorting Romanian chicks rule.
Cartman: Yeah, especially that second one from the left. She was fine!
Kyle: Cartman, what the hell are you talking about?! They're identical!
Cartman: Not that second one from the left, she had it goin' on! | permalink
Mrs. McCormick: Yes, Kenny such a great name, my little Kenny, a brand new Kenny.
Mr. McCormick: God, this must be the fiftieth time this has happened.
Mrs. McCormick: Fifty-second. | permalink
Sharon: Hey Stan, I bought you more of that all natural toothpaste.
Stan: You mean that stuff that's taste like ass and doesn't fight cavities?
Sharon: Yup. | permalink
Stan: Hey Cartman, what does 'fingerbang' mean anyway?
Cartman: I heard it on HBO; it means like, you know, when you pretend to use your finger like a gun or something. | permalink
Stan: Dad, I like being in a boy band, I think it's interesting.
Randy: Well there's plenty of interesting things you can do. Have you ever tried marijuana? | permalink
Saddam: Hello, Satan!
Satan: Saddam...
Saddam: Did you miss me, buttercup?
Satan: No, it can't be! You're dead! I killed you!
Saddam: Yeah, you killed me. So? Where was I gonna go? Detroit? | permalink
Filmore: If I'm elected class president, I will call for better chairs. And, on Fridays, I'll add two minutes to nap time.
Garrison: Very enthralling. Ok, Ike. How about you?
Ike: Cookie Monster! Ice. | permalink
Mrs. Crabtree: I feel great. I haven't had this much attention paid to my cooch since I was sixteen. | permalink

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