Episode 15 of Lost to Feature "Huge Reveal," Cast Teases

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With each episode of Lost, viewers get closer and closer to the answers they've been clamoring over for years.

But patience is required, as not every installment will reveal insight about the numbers, Jacob, Smokey or a million other questions hanging over the show.

With the exception of episode 15, that is. Airing on May 4, the hour is titled "Across The Sea" and Michael Emerson refers to it as "kooky." In what way?

"It pushes the envelope," the actor told E! News!. "It's set in a time and a place that you never have seen on a network series before, I would venture to say. When was the last time you saw a network drama episode where none of the series regulars were in the episode? That's how kooky it is."

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Adds Nestor Carbonell:

"[An] episode with a huge reveal is episode 15. It's really well done."

Until then, we'll need to survive on episodes such as next week's "Dr. Linus." It centers around Ben and, based on a few photos we've gotten our hands on, a trip to the Black Rock for Richard and Jack.

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