FlashForward Star Given Lead Role ... in NBC Pilot

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While its fate is still TBA, it can't be good news for ABC's FlashForward that Christine Woods (Janis) has been cast as the female lead in the NBC comedy pilot Perfect Couples.

This makes the third member of the FlashForward cast to land a role on a new pilot for the upcoming season. Ryan Wynott (Dylan) has joined The Cape, a drama pilot for NBC.

Zachary Knighton, meanwhile, will be the male lead in ABC's Happy Endings.

So does all this mean FlashForward is doomed? Maybe not officially, but you have to think so, right? The troubling signs for the freshman drama are certainly adding up.

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A FlashForward source says the actors' new roles are "in second position until there's official word of a pickup." Good answer, but that they're seeking roles at all is telling.

ABC has not yet renewed the sci-fi series for a second season, and no announcement is expected to be made until May 18, at which point such decisions have to be made.

Perhaps the network is taking a wait-and-see attitude after a lackluster first half? Maybe it's as good as dead but they won't say it yet for fear people will stop watching?

Our suggestion: Kill off Joseph Fiennes' character and make Woods and John Cho the main characters. That would make for unexpected drama ... and fewer bad accents.

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