Gossip Girl Sneak Preview: "The Lady Vanished"

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Gossip Girl finally returns this coming Monday with an all-new episode, "The Hurt Locket." We posted a couple of sneak previews from that episode earlier today.

We also posted trailers for the show's return that include sexy clips of Chair and Serenate. Now we have a new clip from "The Lady Vanished" to add to the mix!

In the March 15 episode (the second one back), Nate and Serena who are turning up the heat between the sheets ... or make that on top of Chuck Bass' couch.

As for Blair and Chuck? It sounds like they're going at it, too, but it turns out Blair's faking it (solo), professing that she and Chuck "aren't connecting right now."

Nate, Serena, Blair

S, N & B in the March 15 installment of Gossip Girl.

"He's shutting me out," B tells S, "in his head, all the time. Last week he went through something and if he's still upset, I just want him to be able to talk to me."

She's doing her best to cope in the meantime, though. We've never heard her moan quite like this. Follow the clip to see (and hear) Blair in the heat of passion ...

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/the-lady-vanished-sneak-preview/" title="The Lady Vanished Sneak Preview"] [/video]

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