Gossip Girl: The Tuesday Plus-Minus Index

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Gossip Girl would still be Gossip Girl without the weekly plus/minus index in New York Magazine, but it wouldn't be quite as fun. The publication weighs in each Tuesday morning with a unique rundown of events from the perspective of New Yorkers and GG worshipers.

Some highlights from their take on "The Hurt Locket" ...

  • Bart Bass actually bought his girlfriends lockets with his own face in it. HA. Plus 10, because never underestimate the egoism of the rich and famous.
  • Damien wouldn't remember Serena after one semester at boarding school. Also, they'd refer to the name of the school, rather than just "boarding school." Minus 10.
  • The more serious he acts, the more muted Chuck's purple tones become. Plus 3.
  • Minus 2 for Jenny's plan to smuggle the drugs into the state dinner in a jacket, since you could fit way more pills in the gigantic Dynasty earrings everyone was wearing.
  • Ugh, Chuck has a pinkie ring. Plus 2.
  • Why does Blair only wear black and sequins in this episode? Minus 1.
Bad News Damien
  • Is Jenny wearing a bedazzled topcoat? Plus 2.
  • Of course Blair Waldorf has Anna Karenina fantasies. And a fur hat that goes perfectly with a lace teddy, we have to say. Plus 3.
  • Why would Serena just wear a jacket Damien gave her to a big, fancy dinner event? Wouldn't she have her own outfit picked out already? Minus 2.
  • Rufus calls out D & J's Parent Trap–style schemes. Plus 3. Also, R.I.P. Lindsay Lohan.
  • Why was it okay that N & S' hookup was at the Waldorfs'? Eh, who cares. Plus 2.
  • A waitress at the NYU coffee shop brings Nate a coffee the minute he sits down, like he's a regular. Quaint idea, but sorry. Also, Nate would have some froufrou order with syrups and a foam leaf design that would take at least five minutes to concoct. Minus 1.

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