Hero James Clement Booted From Survivor: He Knew All Along!

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Voted out after Villain Tyson Apostal on this week's Survivor double elimination, former Hero (and fan favorite?) James Clement was one again removed from the game under difficult circumstances. 

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly James talks about how another injury impacted his early exit from the show and why he's not really as angry as the show made him out to be.

On which was the worst way to have his Survivor run end: with a double immunity idol blind side, a finger injury and now a knee injury:  Probably the first time, because I had control but I just wasn’t paying attention. I loved the game of Survivor and had always watched the game of Survivor, so I kinda knew having two idols was a bad thing. The finger was just craziness — it was a precaution. And the knee thing, I was playing the game and doing the best I could. Definitely getting taken out with the two idols was the suckiest exit in my Survivor career so far.

Injured James

How he knew he was being sent home: I lost the race, and if I had competed and done better in the race, or if I had done better in the challenges, I would have made a plea to be in the game a little bit longer.  I told Rupert, J.T., and Amanda “This time, I really don’t know what’s going on with my leg, and if I can’t run, or do what I can do, or perform in a certain matter, then vote me out.”

Was his interaction with Stephanie accurate? They made it seem like I was being a bully or being aggressive, and meanwhile I’m talking about working together as a team. And then to approach me in a certain situation, I do believe that I am an adult and should have a chance to respond. I’m definitely not going to apologize. I don’t feel like I owe Stephenie any apologies because the aggression shown toward her was only reflected because she had shown it toward me.

Read the complete interview at EW.com

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