How to Make It in America Review: "Good Vintage"

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Ben and Cam are well on their way to making their dreams come true - with their new denim line, Crisp. Who knew that their first stop would be making 300 shirts for a Japanese clothing company?

Like many of us expected, our boys ran into a big problem - they couldn't find 300 black 50/50 (polyester/cotton) t-shirts.

We know that there is a lot of predictability to this show, but "Good Vintage" did keep us very entertained.

How great was it when Rachel confronted Daren on his sexuality and then we got to see a montage of everyone he tried to/did make-out with? The best was the dog. Daren is slowly gaining our love and as much as we hate to admit it, Rachel is too.

There is definitely something still there between Rachel and Ben - that has to be the reason why she is not ready to move in with Daren. Hopefully, next week, Rachel will admit that she still longs to be in the arms of our resident hottie.

David is a highly underrated star of the show. His need to have a girlfriend has desperation written all over his face; which makes any situation with him very comical. Who else would hire strippers to cater a party?

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Rene is positively one of our favorite characters. He really puts a lot of weight on his religion, in a mafioso type of way. The scene where he is in the confessional with his priest was priceless. We think that the energy drink will not live up to the hype and his baby cousin will outshine him in entrepreneurial success. 

Our favorite scene from last night was when Ben and Cam literally got the doors to success opened for them. In our minds we heard a choir of angels saying, "Ahhhh!". And as gross as it may sound, we think it would be kind of fun to run and jump into the ridiculously huge pile of clothing (if they were all washed and clean, of course!).

We know that there is a lot of similarity between How to Make It and Entourage, but we still love tuning in each week to see how these boys will make It. What did you guys think of last night's episode?

If needed, what would the one thing about this show would you change?

Until next week, we leave you with a few of our favorite How to Make It in America quotes after the jump!

Cam: Let's get dirty kid! | permalink
David: We dated briefly, but she said I was too Jewy. | permalink
Alex: Don't think of it as you are fired. Think of it as you are free. | permalink
Cam: Yo Ben, how would I do as a pimp? | permalink
David: Gentleman to our sons may they have hot mothers and rich fathers. | permalink

Good Vintage Review

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How To Make It In America Season 1 Episode 6 Quotes

Gentleman to our sons may they have hot mothers and rich fathers.


Our first board meeting and you catered.