Lost Round Table: "Recon"

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Following the best episode of the season, "Recon" had a lot to live up to. Our Lost review earlier today delved into the latest installment of the greatest show of our time.

Below, we pick apart this week's revelations and questions posed in even greater detail. As usual, readers feedback on any of the following five topics is encouraged ...

1. Do Monster Locke and Widmore know Sawyer is trying to con them?

Lady Gaga: Both Locke and Widmore are skeptical of Sawyer, but both have other interests that supersede Sawyer's plan. You can argue that Locke may actually believe Sawyer is on his side. Widmore saw an opportunity and took it, he doesn't trust Sawyer.

Mr. Probst: I’m sure they are both wary of Sawyer, but I wonder if they’re able to figure out his exact plan. Either way, Sawyer always seems doomed on this show. I don’t like his chances.

Mrs. Stewie: Yes. Sawyer thinks he's conning them both to get what he wants but Widmore and Flocke are just using him to talk smack to each other.

They know Sawyer will do anything to get himself off of the island.

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2. What's happened to Sayid this time?

Lady Gaga: Sayid is dying. His sober expression and lack of reaction when Claire attacked Kate was very out of character.

Mr. Probst: The darkness is finally starting to spread to his heart.  This must be the same transformation Claire undertook and I expect Sayid to be crazy soon too.

Mrs. Stewie: I think his transformation over to PseudoSayid is complete. He was totally enjoying the girl on girl action until Flocke came along and ruined it.

3. Was Monster Locke's reference to his mother being crazy a hint that he was born on this island a la Alex/Rousseau and Aaron/Claire?

Lady Gaga: Yes and quite possibly born on the same island.

Mr. Probst: Definitely. However, some pieces do not add up. Monster Locke is clearly not human for some reason, but Alex certainly was – Keamy killed her. However, if you believe that boy in the woods was Aaron, clearly he has some non-human qualities as well.

Mrs. Stewie: I think Lost unfairly paints Rousseau and Claire as "crazy." 

I think anyone would be a little off their rockers if their babies were taken away from them, especially by creepy island dwellers. I don't think they are crazy mothers; I see them as women who had everything in the world taken away from them.  Perhaps baby MIB was snatched from his mom by Rousseau's predecessor.

Or maybe not. Perhaps Flocke's just conning Kate to make her feel sympathy for him and also help her understand Claire's side of the battle.  Maybe Kate asked him offline what was up with Claire's hair and that was his answer.

4. Who's the best con man Sawyer, Ben or Jacob?

Lady Gaga: I would say Jacob but we don't know if what he's doing is actually a con. I would say Ben is second because he is more manipulative and Sawyer is just doing things for himself and a chance to get off the island.

Mr. Probst: Linus without question.  Don’t forget what a master manipulator he was with the survivors while in the hatch and with the Others as their leader.

Mrs. Stewie: Jacob, definitely. Sawyer thinks he is, but it's Jacob. He's been conning the Ben and the Losties since they were young. He's a master manipulator and I think he'll con us all to the very end.

5. Has there been a better scene than Monster Locke slapping Claire and then scolding her for "being inappropriate?"

Lady Gaga: It made me laugh. It seemed so out of character for the entire show, but incredibly worth it. Claire was being inappropriate.

Mr. Probst: Man, Monster Locke threw Claire like a rag doll!  I liked his toss better than the slap.

Mrs. Stewie: Never. However, a very close second for the best "Oh no he di'in't!" moment was that episode of Real World: Seattle when Stephen slapped Irene... that was goooood TV.

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