Melrose Place Music from "Santa Fe"

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From reunions of old friends to embezzlement, blackmail and shocking admissions, last night's Melrose Place, "Santa Fe," had it all - and the soundtrack to accompany it perfectly.

A Reunion

While obviously we loved seeing the old cast members, we're here to discuss the impressive as always Melrose Place music from the night that included a range from the popular names like Shakira and Timbland to indie bands.

You can get the complete track listing, complete with iTunes links, below:

  • Jason Derulo - "In My Head" Jason Derülo - In My Head - Single - In  My Head
  • Shakira - "She Wolf" Shakira - She Wolf - Single - She Wolf
  • Amerie - "Heard 'Em All" Amerie - In Love & War - Heard 'Em  All
  • Little Boots - "Click" Little Boots - Hands [Deluxe] - Click
  • Truemusic - "You Can Be My Wine"
  • Festival of Four - "San Juan" Festival of Four - Seasons of Napa -  Napa Style (Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter) - San Juan
  • Dan Black - "Pump My Pumps" Dan Black - UN (Deluxe Version) - Pump  My Pumps
  • Timbaland - "Carry Out" Timbaland - Shock Value II - Carry Out  (feat. Justin Timberlake)
  • Paradiso Girls - "Patron Tequila" Paradiso Girls - Patron Tequila (feat.  Lil Jon and Eve) - Single - Patron Tequila
  • Tiesto - "Feel It In My Bones" Tiësto - Kaleidoscope (Bonus Track  Version) - Feel It In My Bones (feat. Tegan and Sara)
  • Eva Simons - "Silly Boy" Eva Simons - Silly Boy - Single - Silly  Boy
  • VV Brown - "Game Over" V V Brown - Travelling Like the Light -  Game Over
  • Intercept - "One Way Drive" Intercept - Magnolia Road - One Way  Drive

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