NCIS: Los Angeles Review: "Blood Brothers"

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NCIS: Los Angeles was spun off from NCIS with faster pacing and more elaborate action sequences as a selling point, but succeeds because that's not its only selling point.

As the past 2-3 episodes have done "Blood Brothers" walked the line beautifully, integrating action-packed shootouts with characters and stories that keep one's interest.

Marine Gunnery Sgt. Wendall Dobbs is gunned down in the streets by a gang wielding AK-47s. Yup, AK-47s. NCIS: Los Angeles is not for the cloak and dagger crooks.

Callen and Sam suspect that Dobbs could have been involved with illegally importing these automatic weapons and supplying them to gangs, but nothing is what it seems.

At least not entirely.

Callen and Sam Photo

Sam and Callen try to infiltrate a street gang. If anyone can do it ...

An investigation into Dobbs reveals he traded in his combat post for an administrative position in order to mentor his younger brother, Darryl, who'd been hanging out with a gang.

That leads us to the undercover op of the night, and it's Sam taking the lead, posing as a cousin who Darryl introduces to his fellow gang members. Meanwhile, G traces the guns.

One cool thing that doesn't usually happen on this uber-high-tech show did last night - the surveillance camera got cut off! We felt like we were kept in the dark along with NCIS.

He and Kensi make a startling discovery on that front. Not only were they knockoffs made domestically (thus not imported), they weren't even the reason Dobbs was murdered.

Rather, he was involved in a heroin smuggling scheme. Gang members in Afghanistan, and apparently in the military, were smuggling the drug home inside Hummer panels.

A highlight of last night for us was that LL Cool J's Sam once again embracing the role of a mentor, or older brother, so to speak, toward James, the brother of the slain Sgt. Dobbs.

We previously saw him act this way toward Sudanese refugee Mo, as well as to Agent Dom Vail, who went missing. Sam's failures with both, real or otherwise, had to influence him.

The surprise twist of the hidden narcotics caught us by surprise, and was certainly appropriate, given the rampant trafficking that takes place in the war-torn region it came from.

What did you think of this NCIS: Los Angeles episode? Was it as good as recent weeks? Did you like it as much or more than last night's NCIS? Share your comments and opinions!

Blood Brothers Review

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