Parenthood Review: "Whassup"

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Emotions were running high, especially in the love department for one young Braverman.  This week on Wassup, Haddie falls in love and has to deal with her meddling parents.

It’s hard enough being a teenager today, but having two overbearing parents, like Kristina and Adam, could make you crazy.  

But can you really blame them?  Haddie kept her first boyfriend a secret, and if you have to keep something a secret… then it must not be a good thing.

Thankfully for Haddie, everything worked out in the end and Steve was even introduced to her vibrant family.  Will this young love last?  Probably not, but it will definitely be entertaining to watch.

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Crosby is making a definite attempt to bond with his son, even having their first sleepover.  The only mishap was getting Jabbar’s thumb stuck in a soda can.  

We are rooting for these two to bond, and by then end of the episode even had a few tears in our eyes watching Crosby finally make an emotional connection to the little guy.  But how can you really blame him, Jabbar is such a cute kid!

Crosby just wasn’t ready to be a father.  With that being said, we have to give him props for trying so hard!

Poor Drew, coming of age in his teenage years, only to be constantly bothered by the men in his family about his overindulgent “showers”.  Just leave the kid alone!  

How embarrassing to have to listen to your grandfather talk about masturbation, after being caught in the act.  Could have things gotten anymore awkward?  It was almost difficult to watch!  

Parenthood has hit a home run in connecting with its audience.  We just hope to see a bit more humor within the script.  What do you think this show is missing?

Until next week, here are a few of our favorite Parenthood quotes:
Amber: You do know what he's doing in there, don't you?
Sarah: Yes, he's getting clean.
Amber: Spanking clean. | permalink
Adam: Woody Allen said masturbation was having sex with someone you love. | permalink
Crosby: How do you like your dogs, medium, well done or burnt to a crisp? | permalink
Zeek: When it comes to testosterone, the Braverman men are blessed with an abundance of riches. | permalink
Adam: Hey, do you think nailing Haddie's window shut is going too far? | permalink

Whassup Review

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Parenthood Season 1 Episode 4 Quotes

Kristina: You know honey; I think he's more scared then anything.
Haddie: Of what?
Kristina: Of losing you.

When it comes to testosterone, the Braverman men are blessed with an abundance of riches.