Parks and Recreation Review: "Park Safety"

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Andy Samberg guest starred on this week's episode of Parks and Recreation, but he was far from the funniest part of "Park Safety."  Don't get us wrong, we're fans of Samberg on Saturday Night Live, but his character didn't necessarily click on Parks.

Parks Guest Stars

Samberg's role of Carl, the head park ranger, was a little too over the top for Parks, where characters may be ridiculous, but they're always believable.  Carl definitely still made us laugh, but this episode belong to Jerry.

Well not so much Jerry himself, but the jokes made at his expense, and even the ones not made at his expense.  We love the fact that the Parks and Recreation cast has become so fleshed out that an episode can be devoted around a minor-supporting character.

Meanwhile, all the violence against Jerry led Ron Swanson to not only speak Yiddish, but even set up a self defense class for the office.  Of course, Ron F'ing Swaonson is a martial arts expert.

On everyone's favorite slow-moving love story, Ann seems to be hopping back in, making a tripple A love triangle.  Seems only fitting with Paul Schneider's Mark leaving the show soon.  We're definitely curious to see where this goes with Ann getting jealous.

Overall it was a great episode despite an only mediocre appearance by Samberg, and you can catch up with our favorite Parks and Recreation quotes after the jump.

Ron: A schlemiel is the guy who spills soup at a fancy party. A schlamazel is the guy he spills it on. Jerry is both the schlemiel and the schlamazel of our office. | permalink
Jerry: I was walking Lord Sheldon.
April: Ew, is that code for some kind of weird sex act?
Jerry: Lord Sheldon is my dog. My wife named him.
April: Ew. | permalink
Leslie: Why didn't you just tell everybody the truth?
Jerry: Are you kidding me? Imagine what Tom would have said.
Leslie: Damn, Jerry! You jumped in a creek for a burrito? What'd you do for a Klondike bar? Kill your wife? | permalink
Tom: Hey, Jerry? April was just double checking the lunch order. Do you want the salmon or the twout? | permalink

Park Safety Review

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April: I thought Freddy Spaghetti OD'd.
Leslie: No, that's Mr. Funny Noodle. And he didn't OD; his drummer shot him.
April: Oh.

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