Parks and Recreation Review: "The Possum"

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Leslie Knope may be no closer to becoming President or wearing her beautiful blue hat after this week, but at least Leslie proved she could hold her ground against the wrongful death of a possum.

April and the Possum

When Leslie was tasked with capturing "The Possum," better known as Fairway Frank, we were at first confused why she'd take along everyone's favorite shoe shiner, but soon Andy proved the most valuable member of the team when he thought to himself, "don't think."

We loved everything about the silly possum plot line from Tom becoming obsessed with golf... clothes to April sitting on the couch watching television with the possum asking him if he knew the meerkats.

In the B story, our unhealthy obsession with Ron Swanson only continues to grow as we learned he's an amazing carpenter that can build a canoe like no either, even if he does violate a few codes along the way.

We were glad to see that although our stubborn hero won't back down, he did adjust the Swanson code to overlap a little more with the city code.  No only did he accept Mark's help in fixing the violations, but even sent an unwanted thank you present to the guy.

Don't worry, Ron.  You'll always have us as adoring fans and the ability to fart in your own car, no matter what aspects our government takes over next.

Overall it was a very solid episodes with plenty of great Parks quotes and a slight crawl in the slowest developing relationship of all time.  Our favorite of those quotes after the jump.

Tom: It's a robot bear! It's programmed to snuggle. | permalink
Andy: Coffee is my favorite non-alcoholic hot drink, except for hot tea. And hot orange juice. Weirdly delicious. | permalink
Leslie: We brought a possum into your house and it got out and it may have laid eggs in your bed. And it went it your kitchen and your bathroom and it touched all your bras. | permalink
Andy: We're acting under direct orders from Mayor Gunderson's dog. | permalink

The Possum Review

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Parks and Recreation Season 2 Episode 18 Quotes

By day. Andy Dwyer, shoeshinist. By different time of day, Andy Radical, possum tackler. And by night? Do whatever I want, no job.


Coffee is my favorite non-alcoholic hot drink, except for hot tea. And hot orange juice. Weirdly delicious.