Stephen Root to Debut on 24

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Can anything save 24 this season? Specifically, the worst subplot in show history: Dana Walsh's utterly illogical reunion with her ex-con of a boyfriend.

How did she get a job at CTU with such a background? How were no suspicious raised when she met him in the CTU parking lot? How was Arlo the only person to see that footage on the security camera?

Complaints aside, there's a slight chance at redemption for this storyline: On Monday's episode, Stephen Root debuts as the parole officer of Dana's late ex. He starts to investigate Kevin's disappearance.

Stephen Root Pic

Known for comedic turns (Pushing Daisies)and dramatic roles (True Blood), Root is a popular guest star on many shows. He's also the guy that was really attached to his stapler in the movie Office Space.

Perhaps he can inject some life into this storyline and this season in general.

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