The Good Wife: The Best Show on TV?

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Is The Good Wife the best show on television?

That's the bold statement Entertainment Weekly makes in it latest cover story.

Featuring a portrait of stars Juliana Margulies and Chris Noth, the magazine quotes the former as saying she was hesitant to anchor a legal drama because she didn't wish to get bogged down in procedural cases each week.

“One of the reasons Murder, She Wrote was on for so long was that America loves an ending after each show, where you can solve it and it’s done," Margulies said, an observation that could also apply to current hits CSI and NCIS.

The Good Wife Cover

But The Good Wife has developed such strong, layered characters that the actress' worry hasn't come true.

In fact, producer Robert King said CBS actually wants the show to focus on the dynamic between Margulies' Alicia and Noth's Peter, as well as the other relationships on the show.

“Our biggest challenge is figuring out how little we can tell about the courtroom case and get by," he says.

As for whether Peter and Alicia will ever reconcile (he is living at home now, after all), Noth doesn't have any The Good Wife spoilers to reveal.

“I don’t know if they’ll be able to recover or not. That’s part of the ongoing drama."

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Will: Alicia, when I'm broke and lying in an alley somewhere, do something nice for me.
Alicia: OK. Promise.

The most powerful men are the ones no one knows exist.