The Tuesday Gossip Girl Plus/Minus Index

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It's time once again for the Gossip Girl plus/minus index from New York Magazine, a thoroughly entertaining perspective on the show from New Yorkers and GG worshipers.

Some highlights from their take on "The Lady Vanished" ...

  • When this whole Jenny-as-crazed-aggressor plotline started up, we thought to ourselves, “Have Jenny and Damien ever even kissed? For more than three seconds?” Then we remembered that Jenny is 16. Plus 4.
  • Jenny Humphrey looks sort of normal and pretty during this episode. Minus 2, because this is also an episode during which the girl runs away.
  • The random Le Creuset pot sitting in the kitchen? Eh, a hotel would do that, for effect. Nate probably puts spare change in there at the end of the day, because he doesn’t know what the pot (or change) is actually for. Plus 2.
  • Why all this fuss about Jenny and nobody talks about how Serena just left? Minus only 1, because Rufus later took a swipe: “This isn’t Serena!”

  • Blair looks amazing just lazing about and doing nothing, flipping through fashion magazines in a rough tweed skirt, great lipstick, and fab necklace. Plus 2.
  • Chuck breaks in and steals the locket, only to give it to his friends and instruct them to throw it away? Minus only 1, because he knew Blair never would.
  • God, the caramel make-out thing was DISGUSTING. Seriously, we will never look at a Whatchamacallit  the same way again. But, sigh, real. Plus 2. Also, the nod to Nate and Serena's original bar-top hookup was cute.
  • Isn’t Damian’s dad like an ambassador or prince or something? Wouldn't anyone notice if he was cracked out of his mind all the time? Minus 4.
  • Dan Humphrey totally checked out the dude walking down the hall flexing his six-pack. DO NOT THINK WE DID NOT NOTICE. Plus 5.
  • Jenny just threw away like hundreds of dollars worth of drugs? Damien wouldn’t have been all tender, he’d be PISSED. Minus 4. Also, what kind of bizarre pill drugs are these? Quaaludes? Is this the eighties? Minus 3.
  • At first we were annoyed at how melodramatic the Dan and Vanessa situation was. Like, why was she angry at him for confessing his feelings? But then we remembered hooking up with someone you really like at that age is exactly that melodramatic. Plus 8.

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