Brothers & Sisters Review: "If You Bake it, He Will Come"

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Sarah again faces the prospect of losing Luc, Robert didn't get the big job, Ojai fell deeper into fiscal disrepair and Kevin had probably the worst birthday ever.

Not the Walkers' best week of all time, but a terrific one for us to watch with all the drama unfolding in this complicated family's lives - past, present and future.

We begin our review of "If You Bake it, He Will Come" with Kevin, who can't forgive Nora for not telling him about the boy he paralyzed a quarter-century ago.

He has no interest in speaking to her, but in typical Nora fashion, she plans a huge birthday party for him (he's 39, we wouldn't have guessed that old). Nice.

Eventually, Nora realizes Kevin isn’t coming - he made good on that threat, kind of - but later, as she's packing up the food, he does step in to confront her.

Nora confides that William never knew who he was and that scared him, and Kevin admits the reason he hit Aaron that night is because he tried to kiss him.


He was scared of how he felt and didn’t want anyone to know he was gay, even if he knew deep down. Nora says she knew, but waited for him to find out.

The characters on this show are so deep, nuanced and consistent that we felt like we knew what Kevin was going through, even 25 years prior to this chat.

Capturing our interest like that is no small feat for a drama in an age of brief attention spans and cliched writing. Kudos to the writers for this story line.

Meanwhile, at Sarah's house, boxes are strewn about, an unpleasant reminder that Luc’s visa runs out in two weeks. Luc has faith everything will work out.

Sarah tries to adopt a similar attitude, but this being Type A Sarah, who's also dealing with Ojai running out of money fast, you know that's not happening.

Luc tells Sarah that even if he gets on that plane in two weeks, he will find a way to come back home to her. Will he or won't he, though? Do you want him to?

We're left hanging on that for the moment, which is probably just as well, given the more pressing matters at hand - a family legacy about to be foreclosed on.

The bank plans to seize the building and its land in a week's time and Dennis York will be able to buy Ojai from it at a cut-rate price, leaving the Walkers SOL.

Rebecca wonders why Holly didn’t invest the $2 million to buy some time, so behind her mother’s back, Rebecca transfers all of her money into Ojai’s account.

Bold, selfless move, R!

Holly is predictably pissed, but is still trying to get to the bottom of the Narrow Lake mystery. Shocker: They're still at a loss. The boys go to York to cut a deal.

While he no longer has the leverage now that Kev knows the truth, and they know about Narrow Lake, York's trump card is that he knows why it's so valuable.

He alone knows.

York spurns their offer of a small percentage in exchange for what he knows. He's content to sit around and watch Rebecca's money dry up and Ojai implode.

And so the standoff continues for yet another week. Who will ultimately prevail in this high-stakes war for the company? Why is the land so freaking valuable?


Robert is being evasive about a new job opportunity, saying only that it will entail relocating to Washington ... which she would do anyway if she wins the election, right?

Still, she struggles with the idea of a cross-country move and breaking the news to Nora. All moot, later, when Robert's heart issues end up costing him the secret gig.

What do you think it was that he had to keep that secret? And now that he's not relocating to D.C., how do you think Rob Lowe's character ultimately leaves the show?

The lone bit of joyous news comes at the end, when Michelle calls and tells Kevin and Scotty that she's pregnant ... she thinks, pending another test. Hooray, probably!

All in all, a night of more unanswered questions, but quality drama. What did you think of last night's Brothers & Sisters? Share with us in the comments!

If You Bake It, He Will Come Review

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