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We know what Chuck did. The question is now what he can and will do to win Blair back.

This evening on Gossip Girl, the Bassterd steps in when a very pregnant Dorota insists that she and Vanya have a traditional wedding before her parents arrive from Poland.

A nice gesture? Certainly. But clearly one made with him own interests in mind as well.

Meanwhile, Serena lies to Nate and meets up with Carter Baizen in secret, and Rufus discovers that Lily has been lying to him (what a shocker!) about her whereabouts.

What do you think will happen tonight on our favorite show?

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The Bride to D

HERE COMES THE BRIDE: And it's Dorota!

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Blair: You don't sound like yourself.
Georgina: That's because I'm not.
Blair: I don't think Jesus would like that.
Georgina: You can tell Jesus the bitch is back.