Fear And Loathing In Samoa: Coach Voted Out

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Last week, coward Ben "Coach" Wade couldn't muster up the gumption to support Boston Rob and the fan favorite was eliminated from the show.  This week, the seeds that Coach sowed come back to haunt him as he found himself on the outside looking in and being voted off of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly Coach talks about his decision to bring the A team to the reward challenge, his relationship with Boston Rob and where all of his great stories went.  

Why was he so adamant about winning the reward challenge? Nobody was eating. The coconuts that were on the ground were almost all used up, we were having just a very little bit, and she was hurting. Everybody was hurting. And my thought was, with the loss of Tyson and Boston Rob, we needed to have food to go into the next challenge.

Coach Looks Tired

Everyone missed his stories this season.  Where'd they go? I told one every single night, man, and they just didn’t show it! I didn’t make it far enough into the game for that kind of stuff to come out.

Has Boston Rob forgiven him? Yeah, it’s cool. I’ve actually got a trip planned to go and see him in a couple of weeks. He’s been after me to come and hang out. He was a little cool at the 10-year anniversary party, but we patched it up and I told him that I respect him and I love him and what happened in the game is what happened in the game.

To read the entire article, visit ew.com.

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