House Spoilers: Season Finale Will Be "Traumatic," Peter Jacobson Says

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When we last left Dr. Christopher Taub on House, there were many questions about his marriage.

At the conclusion of "Black Hole," the character was getting rather touchy-feely with a nurse. Moreover, the show has been teasing a hook-up with Thirteen. Might this actually be in the cards?

"Taub’s got a bit of the devil in him," Peter Jacobson said when asked that question by "No, I will not in any way hint that I will be hooking up with Thirteen. But I think there are a lot of surprises coming up."

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Will those surprised take place during the May finale? The actor refers to that episode as a "biggie" and adds:

"How can I tease it? Its’ going to go down to the wire. That’s more of a sports reference, but it really does go down to the wire. It’s definitely going to be dramatic and traumatic for all involved."

House returns with a new episode tonight. You can always catch up on its latest quotes at TV Fanatic.

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