Lost Preview: "Happily Ever After"

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The last time Lost fans saw Desmond Hume, on the season six premiere, he left them with a question:

Might this character be the link between current events on the show and its parallel, flash sideways world?

After all, he showed up on Oceanic Flight 815, but then quickly vanished. On next Tuesday's new episode, we might finally get an answer, as "Happily Ever After" focuses on Desmond and his return to the island.

As always, we'll recap and review the installment soon after it ends, including a TV Fanatic Round Table discussion. Until then, get an early look at the episode via the following photos from it:

Happily Ever After Scene
Widmore and Desmond
Back on the Island
Zoe on Lost

Below, we've posted a clip from "Happily Ever After." Watch, and let the theories fly!

[video url="http://www.tvfanatic.com/videos/happily-ever-after-clip/" title="Happily Ever After Clip"][/video]

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