Lost Round Table: "Everybody Loves Hugo"

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Everybody may love Hugo... but did every Lost fan love this week's episode?

What did you think of the appearances of Libby and Michael? The revelation about the whispers in the jungle? The fateful decision of Desmond to close the hour?

Our staff has a lot to say about all these developments, as usual, and we've gathered for another edition of the Lost Round Table in order to analyze as much as possible. Reader feedback is encouraged on these questions and answers...

Why did Sideways Desmond run over Sideways Locke?
M.L. House: Locke's contentment in the sideways world throws a wrench into Desmond's mission to meld the two universes together. It's been made clear by various sides that all castaways must be on board for things to be accomplished - live together, die alone, remember? Therefore, Desmond was shaking up Locke's happy existence in order to force the wheelchair-bound teacher into an epiphany.

LJ Gibbs: It depends on just how much insight into the Sideways world Sideways Desmond has. He could either be trying to give Locke the near-death experience Charlie gave him, or, if he's more aware than we know, trying to send him to the hospital to connect with Jack to awaken Jack's Island conscious. Alternatively, Desmond was just really, really drunk.

Mr. Probst: Locke, just like everyone else, needs to realize that he does not have everything he wanted in this sideways world.  By hitting him with the car, Locke will end up in the care of Jack Shepherd who will reverse his paralysis allowing Locke to walk again.  This certainly seems great, but this huge change will cause a rift in his relationship with Helen and he'll be left without love, just like everyone else.

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How much does Island Desmond know/remember about his Sideways world?
M.L. House: Desmond may have the capacity to survive electromagnetic energy, but it still messes with his brain. I think he has flashes on Penny and the Sideways world and those are enough to keep him inspired on the island. He doesn't remember it all.

LJ Gibbs: I think Island Desmond knows everything. That's why he had no worries about peering over the edge of that well with DeathLocke - he knew what DL was going to do and (hopefully) knows it won't hurt him.

Mr. Probst: Everything. Desmond has been able to jump between world before on Lost and retain consciousness and a memory of what happened.  While in the sideways world he realized his purpose is to get all of the castaways to realize they're missing something.  When he came back to the island world, he knew what he had to do.

Will you miss Ilana?
M.L. House: Yes, but I'm comforted by the fantasy that maybe her and Arznt will date in the sideways world, bonding over coffee regarding the dangers of dynamite.

LJ Gibbs: I kept missing her! That's why I ditched my rifle and resorted to using dynamite. Good riddance to a real drag.

Mr. Probst: Her character didn't do anything for me, but the potential of her story did.  She was chosen by Jacob to protect the candidates, had been training her entire life to do so, was contacted by Jacob while seemingly in a body cast to do her duty and she just dies?  Seems like a lot of build up to just kill her off so easily.

So, the whispers on the island are courtesy of trapped souls. Are you satisfied with this answer?
M.L. House: Absolutely. It was classic Lost to reveal the answer to an ongoing mystery, but to tie it in with something personal and redemptive about these characters (Michael's guilt over Libby). The show has always been about these people's journeys to me, far more than the literal resolutions to various aspects of mythology.

LJ Gibbs: Definitely. Gives more depth to the question of where these castaways' spirits are eventually supposed to go - Sideways world, their flashback reality, or trapped on the island. Besides, what else would the whispers have been, gossiping teenagers?

Mr. Probst: Not at all, but I don't think it's done being explained.  They only come out at certain times, there has to be more to it and I'm confident the show will elaborate on it more.

Who will be the next castaway to die?
M.L. House: Kate. I know, many of us have forgotten she's even still around, as the character has been relegated to the background this season. But Crazy Claire still has her wild eye on her.

LJ Gibbs: Unfortunately, it looks like Miles is taking the Star Trek ensign role and marching off to his own death. Richard can't die, and Ben certainly isn't going to be the first to go.

Mr. Probst: Sawyer certainly will die - he seems doomed - but he won't be next.  My money is on Jin.  There's no way Jin and Sun can both survive and live happily ever after.

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