Lost Series Finale Will Leave Fans Wondering

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For those hoping the Lost series finale will tie up every loose end and answer every last question, producer Damon Lindelof has a message:

Don't count on it.

In a video interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Lindelof says the show's concluding episodes will resolve many issues, but also cause others to be raised - never to be answered, of course.

"We're trying to end Lost in a way that feels Lost-ian and fair and will generate a tremendous amount of theorizing," he said. "We're going to be as definitive as we can be and say this is our ending, but there's no way to end the show where the fans aren't going to say, 'What did they mean by this?' Which is why we're not going to explain it."

That response does at least jive with straightforward the title of the May 23 finale. Find out what it will be called NOW.

Jin with a Gun

Lost returns with a new episode on Tuesday. Watch it, or Jin will shoot you in the face.

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