Survivor Round Table: "Going Down in Flames"

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Amazing episodes of Survivor just keep on coming and our writers simply couldn't wait to convene for another edition of the Survivor Round Table to talk about Parvati's bold play on this week's episode.

Where does Parvati's double idol play rank in Survivor history?  How will Russell react to the pseudo-blind side?  Do the Heroes have any chance?  Did Amanda ruin everything for the Heroes with her horrible lying?  Don't forget to let us know what you think as well in the comments section.

Parvati's double idol give-away: Greatest Survivor move ever?

Kakdaddy: As it turns out she didn't need to use both, but who knows if she would have guessed right - the obvious reason she decided to use both.  I personally really liked the move.  Showed a lot of intelligence.  It's just too bad that now that both of the idols are gone she and Russell are going to be executed by Sandra and the remaining Heroes.  They have clearly played a much better 'game' up until this point.  Great move by Parvati short-term, but long-term it could be her downfall.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: Despite her misshaped face, that was a really brilliant move. She is definitely in control of the game and Russell Hantz has met his match, possibly dominatrix.

Mr. Probst: How could it not be?  Use two idols in the same tribal council, neither on yourself, effectively sniffing out your oppositions plan to flush out the idol(s) while sending one of them home.  It does not get any bolder or more impressive.

On a scale from 1 (dumb as a rock) to 10 (Stephen Hawking) how dumb is Amanda?

Kakdaddy: -5 - Did you see her facial expressions as her brain tried to get her lies past Parvati.  She is difficult to stomach at this point and that says a lot coming from me.  I'm usually very lenient on any eye-candy Survivor throws my way, but I can't take her any more.  I didn't remember her being this annoying in the past.

Lady Gaga: 0 - Dumber that said rock. You didn't think it was possible did you? Could she have been anymore useless talking to Parvati? She basically let Parvati know there was no way the Heroes were going to vote for her. And, how in the world did she not figure out that Parvati didn't play her idol at the previous tribal council? "You have another one?!?!"

Mr. Probst: 6 - Not buying it?  Think about it - without leaking the Heroes plan, Parvati still has a hidden immunity idol that only Danielle knows about.  Now they're both out of the game.  Besides, Amanda knows that Parvati will protect her over the other Heroes anyway.  When was the last time a tribe successfully picked off members of the opposing tribe in succession without turning on itself?

Predict Russell's reaction to Parvati's double idols

Kakdaddy: He's obviously going to flip out.  He's Russell Hantz!  He dupes idiots and flips out at the tiniest deviation from his plans.  I'm just hoping that he has a moment of clarity like he did after he flipped on Danielle and then realized he was being a tool.  He can't alienate Parvati and Danielle, they are his only chance.

Lady Gaga: Fury. His ego will be hurt and he'll go into a fit of rage that will likely get him eliminated unless he starts searching for the idol that they are putting back in the game.

Mr. Probst: While it should be amazed reverence for saving their tribe, he'll let his pride get in the way and be incredulous of not knowing what was going on.  Not knowing that she had two idols and not knowing her plan.  He should also be a little scare about how much she did know and he did not.

How can the Heroes rebound?

Kakdaddy: Immediately get Sandra on their side and vote out Russell or Parvati.  Honestly though they should just tell her they will vote out anyone she tells them to.  Don't even chance it by trying to convince her of anything, just use her anger to roll with it.

The Villains Arrive in Camp

Lady Gaga: Sandra is the key to the Heroes survival. If they can wise up and get her a deal that will eliminate Russell and Parvati then they can still pull it together. Though I must say, the combined IQ of the remaining Heroes is terrifying. You would think Colby could get something going but he is so checked out. Way to go JT - just hand an idol over to the enemy. It was like handing Hannibal Lecter the keys to your house and saying stop by anytime.

Mr. Probst: Do what they do best - sit back and do nothing.  Seriously, there's no way Parvati and Russell will coexist for very long, maybe not even even through the next tribal council.  Russell, Parvati or Sandra will coming running to them eventually looking for votes.

Will Jerri now develop a crush on Parvati a la Coach and Boston Rob?

Kakdaddy: Jerri is already following Parvati's every decision like a little puppy anyway.  Now she's a puppy that was thrown a massive T-bone steak.  Good times for the puppy.

Lady Gaga: I think the finale show will reveal that Jerri is batting for the other team and she may even try a proposal to Parvati on the reunion show so she can be just like Boston Rob.

Mr. Probst: Jerri learned from the Dragon Slayer and will now make her master proud by following Parvati into battle wherever she goes.

Is Parvati the best to ever play Survivor?

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