Survivor Round Table: "Jumping Ship"

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Russell and the Villains alliance or Amanda and the Heroes alliance?  That was the question Sandra and Candice found themselves debating on last night's episode of Survivor.

Our Survivor Round Table writers couldn't wait to answer that question as well as talk about Parvati's phenomenal eye roll at tribal council and Courtney's hilarious jury antics.  As always, reader feedback is encouraged.

Did Sandra and Candice pick the right side?

Kakdaddy: No.  I was surprised Candice was willing to sell-out so easily when Sandra was so willing to be there fifth.  She was in a much better spot there than she is with the Villains where all hell is about to break loose.  Sandra is only in it one vote at a time and literally anything can happen when Russell is involved.  I'm guessing Candice was nervous that Russell would give his idol to Parvati since she was the only one who knew it was his and not Danielle's.  Who knows, but I don't see this turning out well.

Survivor RT

Lady Gaga: Candice did not, but Sandra was smart to vote with her. If the two of them can work together they can be valuable votes for Colby and Rupert if those jokers get their act together. The core alliance seems to be Parvati, Danielle and Jerri. There is a lot of wiggle room here.

Mr. Probst: I don't see how Sandra and Candice are better served with Rupert, Colby and Amanda.  Those three are tighter than the mess that is the old Villains alliance right now and Sandra and Courtney will be there to pick sides when it all comes crumbling down.

Is Parvati tiring of Russell after her eye-roll dismissal of his immunity idol folly at tribal council?

Kakdaddy: Big time.  I think she was getting tired of him during his over-reaction to her saving their entire alliance with the double Idol pull.  He wasn't in control and he decided to go at her.  Just another stupid overly aggressive move by Russell Hantz.  I predicted a few shows ago that she would determine the time to cut him out and I think its coming within the next show or two.  Of course there is always the possibility that he sees it coming, gathers Hero votes and kills her, but something is going down.  Those two are not staying solid until the end.

Lady Gaga: Absolutely, the kingdom is divided. I don't blame Parvati, yes I said that, because Russell's move to play the idol was impulsive and clearly to get back at her for the last tribal council. However, if he was right, he would have been a hero (no pun intended). The idol play is all luck anyway.

Mr. Probst: More than anything, it seems like Parvati is starting to realize what a wild card Russell is.  Her idol play was a calculated and valuable move for her alliance.  His play was one simply out of fear.  She realizes that he does not have his finger on the pulse of the players nearly as much she does.

How insecure is Russell Hantz?

Kakdaddy: Off the charts.  He must be the one in control of every tiny aspect of the game that he flips when he's not - even when the outcome is in his favor.  Part of his insecurity plays into his favor.  He is never satisfied and always looking for a back-up plan in case he needs it.  This behavior has saved him on a number of occasions.  The other half is going to get him voted off by one of his allies.

Lady Gaga: Not a question, the most insecure person I've seen on Survivor. He's crazy too.

Mr. Probst: His comment while writing his vote at tribal council about how he found the idol and not Danielle was hilarious!  Who is he telling?!?  The viewing audience who already knows?  Talk about insecure.  Coupled with his irrational anger at Parvati for saving his alliance with her second idol this man has some serious control issues.

Where does Danielle and Amanda’s game of grab ass over the immunity clue rank on the list of most ridiculous fights?

Kakdaddy: Completely ridiculous.  Danielle also would have knocked Amanda out in real life without the threat of being kicked off the show (which I would have loved to see).  Looking back at it I'm actually surprised that something like this hasn't happened before.  Its 20 strangers fighting for $1 million and yet they are always so civilized.  How has there not been a fight over the idol before this?

Amanda Guarded By Danielle

Lady Gaga: That was worse than a bunch of middle school sisters fighting over an outfit on the first day of school. How did Amanda not just open and say fine, we're reading it together.

Mr. Probst: Totally awesome!  It was like MTV meets Survivor.  Think about it - two girls and a guy in a small bed together and the two girls end up in a cat fight, whining to the guy to solve their differences.  I felt like I was watching The Real World for a moment.

Courtney’s jury antics – best ever?

Kakdaddy: The best, though I never look forward to the absurd bitterness that is the final tribal council, but for the time being I'm enjoying it thoroughly.

Lady Gaga: She's pretty amazing. We're in for a treat the next few tribal councils. I think she even made JT and Coach laugh.

Mr. Probst: Eliza still takes the cake for best tribal council faces, but Courtney telling Jeff "you do that" after he said he was going to go count the votes was hilarious.

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