The Ghost Whisperer Review: "On Thin Ice"

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The Ghost Whisperer brought in an edgy way of portraying one of Melinda's visions. The vision had Melinda actually step into a graphic comic book - and we must say, it was pretty cool!

We never see things on TV that have that type of graphics and we were kinda blown away by how much we enjoyed the creepy illustrated vision. 

From On Thin Ice

"On Thin Ice" told the story of loneliness and how it can really effect us all. It can bring anyone that is depressed into an even worse place. The tricky part of loneliness is the ability to turn being alone into a positive thing. Being alone can be very independent and freeing.

Shane died feeling trying to do something nice for his stepbrother, Collin. What Collin didn't realize was that he wasn't alone either.  He always thought no one got him and Shane  really did. Shane thought that if Collin would get published he would become successful enough to never feel lonely.

Unfortunately, things didn't pan out the way anyone would have expected. On part that had us a bit confused was Damon's ability to not get in trouble for his plagiarism. Seriously! The guy rips off Collin and literally publishes the work under his name and when he confessed no one did anything! We found that to be a little ridiculous.

We really liked how the writers even tied in little Aiden at the end. How cute was his drawing of himself and his make believe little brother. It really shows that Aiden feels alone in the world and craves having someone just like him to share it with. We hope that the look Melinda had in her eye meant that she herself was considering the idea of baby number two. Our hearts really go out to the little guy! Hopefully Jim feels the same way!

Could anyone else feel the tension between real life Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love? We wonder if this has something to do with their recent break-up..Hmm.

We knew that the writers had to take a hiatus on the Shinings considering the last episode was chocked full of surprises, but really, nothing?! Not even a mention of the Book of Changes or Bedford?! We expected a little something something!

All-in-all we found this week's episode to be a little more depressing then necessary. What did you think of the storyline? Leave your comments below and don't forget to rate it!

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On Thin Ice Review

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