Treasure Island Redux: A Fine Booty Voted Off

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Amanda Kimmel had a sudden battle with her conscience and it cost her the game.  After effectively (and fairly) stealing the clue to the hidden immunity idol from Danielle, the two duked it out in the most famous cat fight in Survivor history last night.  But, Amanda felt bad for her thievery, gave the clue back to Danielle and wound up getting voted off.

In an exit interview with Entertainment Weekly Amanda talks about her frustrations with Colby, a bizarre plan with Candice that never materialized and how she feels about the comparison to Boston Rob.

Why didn't she receive any help from Colby with the hidden immunity idol clue? [Colby] was checked out the entire time. We went through the [reward] and I told Colby, ‘We have to look for [the clue] and get it before Danielle.' Even thought I made it very clear what we had to do, he didn’t look for it once.  With the clue even, I didn’t really know the rules to the clue and Colby made me think, ‘Oh my gosh, maybe whoever finds it, it’s their clue.'  I don’t know what he was talking about, he needed it just as much as I did.

Amanda Smiles

What was Candice's grand plan? [She] had a plan that we were going to act like I was going to go home. Candice wanted her and I to stage a fight that we were against each other. She was doing it to throw Russell off, I guess. She was excited because it was her idea and she thought it was brilliant. We were going to do it but I didn’t think it was necessary. I think that’s why she went with the Villains last minute, because we didn’t follow through with her plan.

What does she think of Russell comparing her to Boston Rob? I don’t really understand that. I think Russell was trying to get airtime on that one.

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