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Well, one out of three ain't bad.

After last week's episode, we were excited that 90210 was spicing up its storylines by adding a few villainous characters. Fast forward seven days, though, and only one made a real impact.

There was no Mark sighting on "Meet the Parent," and Liam's father skipped down before the opening credits even rolled. Let's start there: what a disappointment!

There was plenty of material to mine from this relationship, as I was hoping it would bring Liam's bad boy side out again. Instead, it ended abruptly and just made him an even more sympathetic figure, bringing him and Annie closer than ever before.

Does anyone want to see these two date or hook up? At this point, the show just centers on one relationship after another, never learning a valuable lesson: couples must actually remain together for a long period of time so viewers are invested in them.

Smooching Silver

In even more boring relationship news, there's Teddy and Silver. These two are simply chock full of cliches. Heck, Teddy actually uttered the line: "I thought winning today would make me happy, but when I won, I didn't have you."

We're shocked he didn't come out and say: You complete me.

I guess viewers were meant to be moved by Teddy's declaration of love for Silver, but were you, readers? How long have these two even been dating? The show is very bad at depicting timelines.

As for Teddy's father? A strict parent that discourages his child from dating because he wants him to focus on a grand life goal? Been there, done that, on about every other television show in history. Let's hope Spence Montgomery goes through with some truly devious plans to break these two up.

Seriously, the show needs something of actual importance or substance to happen. Quickly.

There were positives from "Meet the Parent," however. LOVE Dixon and Ivy together. These two have seen their relationship build and oscillate, from fake boyfriend/girlfriend, to friends, to quasi fighting, to truly getting to know each other. Because these are our favorite characters on 90210, it's great to see them together.

Also, let's give the episode credit: it took us off guard with Jen's double cross of Naomi. I really thought we'd be seeing Naomi take control of this sisterly feud. I didn't see Jen's plan coming and am excited to see how she impacts Naomi's life now as her source of money.

Side note: Did Naomi's personality seem over the line? When did she become such a selfish bitch to Liam? The show seems to not know how to write Naomi consistently, softening her up when it fits into storylines and then making her like this when it fits other storylines.

Adrianna and Navid? Snooze. The show is just spinning its wheels until these two are back together. Diego Boneta is nice to look at and all, but he's just a manufactued obstacle until Navid and Adrianna take their rightful place as the stable couple on the show. We'd rather see this happen sooner than later.

What did you think of the episode? Do you enjoy watching small relationship drama play out each week, or do you crave something more impactful to befall at least some of these characters? Weigh in now, as you sort through a few 90210 quotes from the week:

Naomi: Jen was pretty much slutting it up with any rich buy that looked in her direction. | permalink
Lila: Guess who.
Navid: Hilary Clinton.
Lila: Close.
Navid: Tila Tequila.
Lila: Closer. | permalink
Ryan: I got into a little tussle with this chili dog and I have to admit defeat. | permalink
Naomi: You don't want me to tell him what a big tramp you were.
Jen: Exactly. | permalink

Meet the Parent Review

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