Community Review: Beware of the Disney Face!

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This week's episode of Community had to be originally written as the first season finale, right?

It concluded with a change of direction for Senor Chang (guess we should just call him "Chang" now, huh?), along with a new class for the study group to focus on next semester. Still, "English as a Second Language" was simply the second-to-last episode of this sitcom's hilarious opening season. Weird.

That confusion aside, the half hour fell a bit flat for me. It may have a lot to do with last week's stellar, positively absurd "Modern Warfare," which was a difficult act to follow.

But Community's pop culture references felt more forced than usual last night. The Troy-as-Will-Hunting concept was solid, but nothing really came of it. Such a parody requires witty writing, not just a set-up.


As always, the best moments took place when the group just sat around the study table (in that regard, I was on Annie's side: these people may remain friends even if they don't take a class together, but come on. We need study group scenes each week!).

There was Britta calling out Avatar; Jeff making a long metaphor to The Sisterhood of The Traveling Pants; and Alison Brie absolutely cracking us up with her "Disney face." Don't stare directly at it, lest you give in to its sympathetic powers!

We've posted a few of the best Community quotes below. Chime in with your favorite!

Jeff: Did the Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants poison each other's food so they were too sick to leave? No. I've never seen it, but I'm pretty sure they mailed each other pants! | permalink
Troy: Why's she teaching Spanish if she's a doctor? Go cure something. | permalink
Dean Pelton: Word of advice: If an Asian man says he's a Spanish teacher, it's not racist to ask for proof. | permalink
Chang: So I did what any man would do. I faked my way into a job teaching Spanish at a community college using phrases from Sesame Street. | permalink
Britta: Will someone back me up if I say this is ridiculous or is this going to be another Avatar situation? | permalink

English as a Second Language Review

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Community Season 1 Episode 23 Quotes

I know the family downstairs hates me. I don't need to understand why.


Will someone back me up if I say this is ridiculous or is this going to be another Avatar situation?