Danielle DiLorenzo on Survivor Elimination: Russell Was Threatened By Me

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On last week's exciting installment of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villans, Russell regained control. This meant one thing for Danielle DiLorenzo: elimination.

The heretofore powerful player was voted out at a very emotional tribal council, which was one of the topics Danielle touched on in an exit interview with TV Guide. Excerpts from it follow...

On tribal council developments: I knew Russell was trying to get me voted off at one point and so Parvati and I convinced him otherwise. At that point, he had already told Rupert and Colby to write my name down so I definitely didn't see what happened. I just never thought that I was going to go that night... Going into tribal council, I was a little worried but I never thought Jerri would turn on me like she did.

Danielle Voted Off

On Russell: I just think he saw how I started playing the game and he was threatened. He knew that Parvati and I had the power in our hands and after we planned to get Rupert off that night, I think he knew that he was next on the chopping block. I think by him breaking up Parvati and I gave him control of the game still.

On her botched plan: The plan was [Russell] was going next. I had had conversations with Sandra and Parvati, the three of us aligned, and we were going to get rid of him next.

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