Desperate Housewives Review: "A Little Night Music"

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Mystery men and Desperate Househusbands stole show this week.  The sex, lies and cheesy one-liners were back, too, as we get back to the present day drama of Fairview. 

On "A Little Night Music," the plot thickened when we learned more about Angie and Nick’s dark past, and Eddie began to show violence towards the Schaivos.  This build up is going to come to a head soon as, most likely, someone won’t be seeing too many more sunny days on Wisteria Lane. 

Our guess is that sweet Lynette is in for some trouble once she finds out the truth about what happened to Eddie’s mom.

An Eyeful

Meanwhile, this dark storyline was balanced with the typical light fluff of Susan and Gaby, who were working together to embarrass their lying men.  Now these two are why we watch the show  - it just doesn’t get better than a washed-up model, and elementary art teacher awkwardly and shamelessly putting on a show to prove to their men who’s boss. 

We especially liked how Gaby, thinking that Susan is poor, offered her some “extra” groceries, consisting of canned peaches and condensed milk.  Clearly, Gaby has mixed up, going through some financial trouble with donating to a food shelter.

The women conspired to make Mike think that Carlos is having an affair with Susan in order to get the truth to come out about the cash.  This scene was classic DH, replete with whining from Gaby, and Susan acting like a dumb pinup; her blouse, as seen above, left little to the imagination.

She must have taken lessons from Gaby on how to pretend seduce someone else’s husband.

Gaby - who accuses Susan, while serving spaghetti to Carlos, of “shamelessly shoving your meatballs in my husband’s face” - cracked us up with her childish plot to get her money back and her ski home in Aspen. 

Susan on the other hand, we feel bad for, not only because her husband left her in the dark about their finances, but more so because he then left her alone with boxes and boxes of unpaid bills for her to sort through on her own once the truth came out.  What a stand up guy.

Oh Susan. Why do you always end up with the short end of the stick?

Elsewhere, one-dimensional Bree left us a bit disappointed and bored with not much more than a few more details about Sam’s past and her overall disappointment with the lying men in her life.  Good thing she has Orsen, who by the way does not love her; and a gay son, who alternates episodes between wanting to kill her and wanting to be her protégé.

Indeed things are heating up, with the season finale right around the corner.  

Question is, who will make it to next season?  Likely not Sam, and hopefully not Eddie – let’s keep our fingers crossed that Lynette can put the kibosh on this kid quickly, and get him what he really needs: a prison cell.

A few of our favorite Desperate Housewives quotes from the episode:

Carlos: Every time you offer me afternoon sex it's because you want something, and it's not afternoon sex. | permalink
Susan: Come on, this is my chance! My aunt had a stroke while driving. When am I gonna get that lucky again?!? | permalink
Mike: Why is there a big ass piano in our house?
Susan: Actually, Big Ass stopped making pianos. This is a Yamaha. | permalink
Susan [to Mike]: Do you feel betrayed, humiliated? Good! Because I only did this to show you what it feels like when the person that's supposed to love you the most lies to you. | permalink

A Little Night Music Review

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This is my turn to flaunt. And I can't flaunt with a free piano.


Mike: Why is there a big ass piano in our house?
Susan: Actually, Big Ass stopped making pianos. This is a Yamaha.