How I Met Your Mother Review: "The Wedding Bride"

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There's really only one word for the movie absurdly and inaccurately written about the life of Ted Mosby as depicted on last night's episode of How I Met Your Mother:


"The Wedding Bride" was all about baggage, and the show chose to explore Ted's through a fictionalized representation of his life with Stella in a film of the same name.

Inexplicably, Stella's ex, who she left Ted for, penned a film called The Wedding Bride all about Stella and Ted's courtship, completely bastardizing Ted in the process.

It was nonsensically hilarious. Chris Kattan as Jed Mosly and Jason Lewis as Tony were perfectly miscast in their respective roles. You could just feel real Ted seething.

This is the kind of gimmick that had better be really funny, because it's so over the top it can fail easily. We have to say, it came out on the good side of that fine line.

Ted and Royce

Fake Tony working for free with underprivileged kids while Jed proclaims himself the most evil, corrupt architect in the world (and falls out of his chair constantly)? Gold.

Equally amazing? A supposed blockbuster hit botching its own character names, while Lewis and Kattan try to act like they're bad actors. Every snippet pretty much killed.

Back in reality, the running gag of physical "baggage" being lugged around by people wasn't quite as effective, although it was redeemed somewhat by the closing scenes.

Royce's bags piling up one by one as she revealed her own host of issues, as well as those carried by passersby on the street finally sold it a little. "Cubs Fan." Genius.

All in all, it was a fun, absurdist way to look at Ted's future via a skewed version of his past experience with Stella, which still leaves him scarred as he enters his 30s.

Hopefully he can get past it soon and we can have some serious advancement of the "Mother" story line. Because let's face it, there's been very little of late.

Follow the jump for some How I Met Your Mother quotes from the episode ...

Royce: I think you owe us an apology.
Ted: No-can-do-ski, baby doll. No-can-do-ski. | permalink
Robin: Why don't you say something to him?
Lily: He's from Minnesota. His high school mascot was a hug. | permalink
Jed: Ah, the ol' ball and chain. Can't wait to make her move out of her beautiful house in New Jersey and make her move into my crappy apartment above a bar! | permalink
Barney: The best baggage is "hates her dad, thinks she's fat when she isn't." Angry sexy on the first date, and by the time you mention breakfast, she's gone! Why do you guys even hang out with me? | permalink
Barney: Ted, please tell me you're not impugning emotional baggage.
Ted: Baggage is good?
Barney: Emotional baggage is the bedrock of America's most important cultural export.
Robin: Porn?
Barney: Actually, it's porn. | permalink
Marshall: Please, I don't have any baggage.
Lily: Mommy issues.
Marshall: No.
Lily: Grandmother issues.
Marshall: Nah.
Lily: Great-grandmother issues.
Marshall: I just don't like when she picks me up! | permalink
Ted: Things are going great, but ...
Robin: Ah ...
Ted: That's the issue.
Barney: Her butt?
Ted: No. Everyone has baggage. Things go great until the point where you realize everything's ruined.
Barney: When she turns 30. | permalink
Jed: I'm Jed Mosly and I am the most powerful, corrupt architect!! [falls out of chair] | permalink
Marshall: Wait, you actually used Jed Mosly's catchphrase?
Ted: Oh yeah ... How do you know that's his catchphrase?
Marshall: [pauses] Hey, I wanted to see Avatar. | permalink
Royce: Ted, please. It's not that big a deal. I've been left at the altar before too. Three times in fact. | permalink

The Wedding Bride Review

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How I Met Your Mother Season 5 Episode 23 Quotes

Barney: Kiss him! Kiss him!
Older Ted: Uncle Barney didn't say "kiss."
Theater employee: Sir, you need to leave. Now.
Barney: This is outrageous. Who the kiss are you?!

Marshall: Wait, you actually used Jed Mosly's catchphrase?
Ted: Oh yeah ... How do you know that's his catchphrase?
Marshall: [pauses] Hey, I wanted to see Avatar.