Lost Round Table: "The Candidate"

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RIP, Sayid, Lapidus, Sun and Jin.

This week's episode of Lost spilled more blood and ended more lives than any single hour in show history. It was fast-paced and emotional.

Come along with the TV Fanatic staff as we analyze "The Candidate" in the latest edition of the Lost Round Table...

Which deceased character will you miss the most?
M.L. House: Sayid, only because there's so much we still need to learn about what happened with him in the Temple. I assume we'll still discover insight into his "darkness," but until then, Sayid's death makes this storyline feel incomplete.

LJ Gibbs: Lapidus. Jin and Sun will end together in heaven; and Sayid really "died" awhile ago. Lapidus, though, was always good for a laugh.

Mr. Probst: I'll say Jin. I was never one to get swept up in the Jin/Sun romance and Sayid's character and story has been weird ever since he came back from the dead.  I'm actually disappointed that we never delved into that angle further.  There was quite a lot of build up with Dogen talking about a darkness spreading in Sayid that I envisioned some drastic mental and physical change that didn't materialize.

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Why did Christian give Claire that music box?
M.L. House: It was more about the music than the box, that's for sure. The device plays the same song as Claire sings to Aaron on the island, right? Something to think about.

LJ Gibbs: It was a message from the great beyond: I know you enjoy boxes. And music.

Mr. Probst: Having spent some time in Australia, Christian understood how uncultured Aussies are when it comes to classical music.  By giving her the music box, she would be able to listen to some simple, classical tune, whenever she needed.

How happy were you to see Bernard?!?
M.L. House: So happy that I might just go get a root canal this week to see if he's there!

LJ Gibbs: I'm only happy when I see Bernard and Rose. Speaking of this couple, are they still around on the island? Did they jump to 2005 when Jarheard went off?

Mr. Probst: Similar to Jin and Sun, I never got wrapped up in Rose and Bernard.  His reappearance in the sideways world was as interesting to me as Arnzt.  However, he and Rose still live on the island, somewhere, so I suspect the regular world is not done with him yet, either.

Who will die next?
M.L. House: Kate. She's listless in more ways than one this season: literally excluded from Jacob's list, and simply lacking an intriguing storyline.

LJ Gibbs: Sawyer. Wrecked with guilt over his decision to pull the wire on the explosives, he'll sacrifice himself for Kate, Jack and Hurley because he doesn't feel worthy of living anymore. And, hey, possible coffee date with Juliet in heaven!

Mr. Probst: Check Sun and Jin off of the Lost Nostradamus's list of successfully predicted deaths.  Next up: Sawyer.  The man is doomed.

How did FLocke know that there were still candidates alive?
M.L. House: I assume he was referring to Desmond, who remains in the well. FLocke never believed Sayid killed him, but didn't have time to argue last week. He had to get his submarine plan in motion.

LJ Gibbs: The dude can change into a smoke monster. I don't exactly put some sort of ESP past him at this point.

Mr. Probst: There has to be some reason that FLocke wants the candidates dead and I suspect that something profound will happen to FLocke once they are gone.  When the submarine blew up and nothing changed for FLocke, he knew someone was still alive.  Whether he suspected that Sayid didn't kill Desmond or the explosion on the sub did not kill everyone, I'm not sure. 

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