Nurse Jackie Review: "Monkey Bits"

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Following last week's emotionally charged, episode-concluding fight between Jackie and Kevin, it was disappointing that "Monkey Bits" didn't address the tension between this couple.

Yes, there was one scene where Jackie hung up on her husband and he seemed exaspered - but, other than that, they carried on like usual. Kevin gladly cooked for a heartbroken O'Hara at the bar and he and Jackie came to an easy decision on how to juggle their kids' schedules.

On some ways, it seems like the show is just treading water until it decides on how to handle the Jacke/Kevin/Eddie triangle.

In the meantime, Eddie looks slimier and slimier by the week; and we're legitimately afraid that Jackie might take the most extreme measures possible to protect her home live. But the last couple of episodes have felt a bit weak as the series builds up to this resolution.

Important Phone Call

Fortunately, Harvey Fierstein guest-starred this week and made the episode. He played the husband of a dying patient and deiivered our favorite line in show history:

John: Can I not be gay right now? Can I just be a guy whose spouse is dying? | permalink

Fierstein's role isn't done just yet, either, and he might wanna polish off a spot on his mantel for an Emmy Award.

Below, we've listed a few more Nurse Jackie quotes from "Monkey Bits."

Akalitus: Zoey Barkow, you want the shift?
Zoey: I'm so flattered.
Akalitus: Don't be here. You just got here first.
Zoey: I'm still flattered. | permalink
Jackie [to O'Hara] : What can I say? I like being your girl. | permalink
Jackie: For whatever it's worth, it is possible to love more than one person at a time. I love Kevin and I love Eddie. I might love Eddie. | permalink
Coop: You're right up her alley.
Eddie: Newsflash: I'm up a lot of girls' alleys.
Coop: Did that come out wrong? | permalink
Coop: It might comfort you to know what I have two moms.
John: Comfort me why?
Coop: Because you're married... to a guy. | permalink

Monkey Bits Review

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