Nurse Jackie Review: "Sleeping Dogs"

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Last week, I surmised that Jackie hit rock bottom when she lied to O'Hara.

Looks like I may have written too soon.

On the Nurse Jackie episode "Sleeping Dogs," our favorite troubled hospital worker actually became a thief. Who knows if that man with a seizure was a doctor of a drug dealer, but that's the point: Jackie herself didn't know, either. Yet she swiped his collection of Oxycontin anyway.

Will the fact that the man's wife saw Jackie's name tag come back to haunt her? Maybe, but I doubt it. Nurse Jackie is a character-based series that doesn't typically deliver the sort of suspense that such a development would create.

Then again, with O'Hara possibly suspecting her friend now, Jackie is teetering closer and closer to the edge of collapse. This event could push her off.

Back in the Hospital

This week's episode was also a great showcase for Akalitus, Coop and Zoey.

The latter has been a prominent player since day one, but we still can't get enough of lines such as when she says her and Lenny have "sizzling chemistry" or when she reminds Jackie and Eddie about their past afternoon (naked) meetings in the latter's office.

Akalitus, meanwhile, got to show us why she is NOT a "Grinchy little f-cker," after all. The storyline about the wife and her husband didn't shove a parallel to Jackie's life down our throats (as other medical shows are guilty of; we're looking at you, Grey's Anatomy!) - but it did give Jackie a chance to hear that, to some, marriage is not "just a piece of paper."

As for Coop? He gets better each week.

The doctor admitted he wasn't cool this week, and then proved it with a hilarious rap. The guy often deals with tumors that are "malignant and benign." And he hates "nurses that whine." Brilliant stuff!

We've added a few more Nurse Jackie quotes from the episode below. What did you think of "Sleeping Dogs?"

Jackie: I don't care what they say. You are not a Grinchy little f**ker.
Akalitus: Who's they?
Jackie: That would be me. | permalink
Jackie: You don't need to be married to love him. It's just a piece of paper. | permalink
Zoey: The heart wants what the heart wants. You know what I'm talking about?
Jackie: Actually, I don't. | permalink
Zoey [to Jackie and Eddie]: Remember that time I walked in on you guys? | permalink
Akalitus: No lunch for Thor today. He has to drop all that weight.
Thor: I can hear you.
Akalitus: Still gotta lose all that weight! | permalink
Zoey: Are you sexually active?
Patient: No. I pretty much just lie there. | permalink

Sleeping Dogs Review

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Nurse Jackie Season 2 Episode 10 Quotes

Akalitus: Someone may be dying
Coop: The nurses will keep him alive until I get there. That's their job.

Akalitus: Welcome back to All Saints.
Eddie: I'm gonna rock this shit.
Akalitus: I wish you wouldn't.