Stephanie Savage Spills on Gossip Girl Finale, Future

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Whether you loved or hated "Last Tango, Then Paris" (follow this link for our official Gossip Girl season finale review), Stephanie Savage has a lot of explaining to do.

In a post-episode Q&A with Entertainment Weekly, Steph, who authored last night's Gossip Girl herself, talks about what went down and previews what’s to come.

You're going to want to read what she had to say, too ...

Q: Were those Taylor Momsen’s real tears?

Stephanie Savage: Yes. I wasn’t there on the day they shot that, but that’s what it really looks like if a girl with raccoon eyes cries that much. There was nothing we could do.

Q: How long will Jenny be gone for?

Stephanie Savage: I’d rather not say.

What is J's Deal?

Enjoy the 'burbs, Little J ... but we know you'll be back.

Q: Will she be a changed person when she returns?

Stephanie Savage: Yes. What happens in the finale has a real impact on Jenny.

Q: Safe to say Blair/Chuck are far from over?

Stephanie Savage: That is correct.

Q: But how does she forgive him for sleeping with Jenny?

Stephanie Savage: [Chuck getting shot] is significant enough that it creates some space for them to, if not exactly rekindle their romance right away, at least find a humanity in each other. She doesn’t forgive him immediately. But it’s a significant enough event to recalculate things.

Q: So the Jenny thing is not irreparable?

Stephanie Savage: It’s Chuck and Blair. It’s always going to be a wild ride. And that’s the thing. I believe personally that their love for each other is really strong. They are going to encounter incredible obstacles over the course of their time together and the question is whether or not they’re strong enough to make it through.

Q: It’s been announced that Ed Westwick will be traveling to Paris with Blake Lively and Leighton Meester to shoot scenes for the season premiere. Does that mean Chuck was wearing a bullet-proof vest or something?

Stephanie Savage: Ed will definitely be filming in Paris with us this summer. That’s all I can confirm. Don’t rule out flashbacks. And we’ve been visited by ghosts before.

Q: Let’s talk about the baby bombshell. Was it always your plan for Georgina to come back pregnant?

Stephanie Savage: Yes. We did the math on her leaving town. We sent her away and we were like, “Hmm… that could work out well.” The last gesture I made to [Michelle] when she went away was I mimed a belly bump so she had something to look forward to when she came back.

Q: Does Mercy‘s cancellation mean we’ll get more Georgina next season?

Stephanie Savage: It certainly opens the door to expanding her role. We just got the news a few days ago so we’re still in process of figuring out how it affects our plans. We love Michelle and Georgie and would welcome both of them spending much more time with us.

Q: Dan was planning to follow Serena to Paris when he was interrupted by Georgina. Safe to say the Dan/Serena love story is ...

Stephanie Savage: ... reactivated. Sorting through that is going to become a larger story.

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