Survivor Review: "Loose Lips Sink Ships"

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No one cut down the nets and the name – Final Five – doesn’t work quite as well as college basketball’s Final Four, but with Rupert’s elimination last night there are just five players left who could win the one million dollar final prize.

Rupert will not be joining Sandra, Colby, Parvati, Russell and Jerri in the final five because he forgot the number one rule or Survivor: As long as it’s not me.  Made famous by Sandra and Cirie, Rupert’s attempt to stir the pot between Russell and Sandra backfired. 

After Parvati won individual immunity, Rupert had to realize that Russell was not going to vote against Jerri and the girls were not going to vote against Sandra.  Rupert’s only play, as he mentioned, was to go back with the girls because he could not risk a 3-3 tie.

Parvati With Immunity

But, that’s Rupert.  Sandra had multiple plays and one of them could have involved Rupert, giving him options.  She even came to him with a way out: let’s get rid of Russell.  What Rupert should have said was “sure, what do you need me to do.”  What Rupert did say was “uh huh” and ran to daddy, Russell, to tattle on big sis Sandra. 

I can understand Rupert’s thought process with that move.  Get Sandra and Russell fighting against each other so that Russell goes after Sandra.  The problem with that plan was that Sandra couldn’t go after Russell without Rupert’s help and he just completely blew any trust in him.  Even though Sandra’s mouth doesn’t sound like she’s making up with Russell, clearly they were able to work out their difference.

What happens if Rupert clandestinely works with Sandra?  Is Russell sent home?  Certainly hard to say, but is it so irrational to think that Parvati, Sandra, Colby and Rupert would vote Russell out? 

Parvati is the only question mark.  Sandra’s been plotting her revenge on Rupert for weeks.  Rupert and Colby will vote for anyone who’s not each other.  Parvati has been talking about getting rid of the remaining Heroes, but definitely still has a bone to pick with Russell and wouldn’t mind seeing him go home. 

Rupert’s loss is Colby, Russell and Parvati’s gain.  In less than 72 hours, Survivor will crown its 20th champion, the official winner of Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains.  Let’s take a look back at my pre-season odds and predictions and handicap the final five survivors.

Colby – Pre-season odds: 50-1.  Current odds of winning: 50-1

Before the season I felt that JT and Colby could work well together and form a dominant alliance.  Well, the two allied together (kind of) and the alliance was…terrible.  A combination of Colby’s lethargy and JT’s mastermind plan gone horribly wrong doomed the pair.  And, yet, Colby’s still here.  A combination of luck, Rupert waking up and starting to play and the rest of the castaways knowing he’s beatable keeps everyone’s former favorite player in the game.  However, I don’t think he has a chance to win even if he went up against Jerri and a cat.
Colby Contemplates

Jerri – Pre-season odds: 150-1.  Currents odds of winning: 10-1

0-for-2 on pre-season predictions so far, I thought Colby would eliminate Jerri immediately if the pair made the merge together.  What I didn’t count on was Colby quitting after the third day and not caring what happened.  While she still remains, she’s rode the coat tails of Russell, Parvati and Sandra right now and one of them have to be in the final three with her, so she’s got no chance.

Russell – Pre-season odds: 10-1.  Currents odds of winning: 2-1

He’s still the favorite, but not the overwhelming favorite that he once was or even was to start the season.  The unknown factor that he was able to ride to start the season is long gone after a number of double crosses and devious plans.  And yet, he’s still able to get people to work with him.  Rupert and Colby took the Villain-leap with Russell only to be stabbed in the back eight hours later.  Until he’s gone, he has to be the favorite.

Parvati – Pre-season odds: 40-1.  Current odds of winning: 3-1

Russell should have read my pre-season rankings before heading back to Samoa for another run.  She was once an underrated manipulator, but certainly has shed that label after a brilliant season so far.  She played Russell like a fiddle until Danielle was voted out, but one of her most impressive qualities is her ability to stay focused amidst chaos.  Alliances seem very fluid at this point and she’s easily able to work with different players.  If Russell’s sent home, the others are going to have a tough time beating her.

Parvati Competes in the Challenge

Sandra – Pre-season odds: 200-1.  Current odds of winning: 5-1.

A complete swing and miss by me on this one.  I let me disappointment over her seemingly undeserved win in the Pearl Islands cloud my judgment of her survivor ability.  Cirie may have made famous the “as long as it ain’t me” approach, but Sandra was the original and has worked that strategy to a T.  Twice this season she has put aside her personal vendetta for Russell to make sure she didn’t go home.  When the dust settles on the inevitable Parvati-Russell clash, she may be the one left standing.

We have three hours left of the best season of Survivor ever.  Hopefully they’re as entertaining as the rest of the season has been so far.

With just one episode left, we have one question left for our readers:

Who will win Survivor: Heroes vs. Villains?

Loose Lips Sink Ships Review

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