The Amazing Race Review: Final Leg Preview

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And then there were three.

Last night The Amazing Race field was whittled from four down to the final three that will race for the one million dollar prize and Louie and Michael were the odd team out.  Although they were saddled with a two hour deficit on Dan and Jordan and a Speed Bump for finishing last the previous leg, neither factor did them in (well, at least not directly).  Their inability to handle concentration challenges gave Dan and Jordan enough time to squeak ahead of the detectives. 

Louie and Michael Avoid Elimination

I say that neither factors directly led to their demise because the two hour deficit that Louie and Michael had to overcome was as a result of Michael struggling with the puzzle last week.  Ultimately it did not matter because Dan and Jordan burned that entire lead getting nowhere with the Garden Bridge clue to start the leg. 

Imagine if they started just moments behind Dan and Jordan?  The brothers might still be in Shanghai looking for the bridge.  After all, it was Michael who figured out how to get there, not Dan or Jordan.

While Michael’s brain fart with the puzzle put the detectives in such a hole, it was Louie this time who couldn’t count the golden statues correctly at the roadblock that gave Dan and Jordan the edge they needed to stay ahead.  The brothers still had a five minute cushion because of the Speed Bump, but it sounds like they would have lost that edge on the cab ride to the Pit Stop.  Jet and Cord lost their lead trying to find the Pit Stop, no reason Dan and Jordan would not have suffered a similar (but far crueler) fate.

As for the Speed Bump, now knowing what the challenge (or lack thereof) entailed, I wonder if Dan and Jordan would still have adopted the same strategy of waiting for Daddy at the Pit Stop.  It couldn’t have taken Louie and Michael more than five minutes to throw coins into the incense burner and they only had to walk 50 feet or so to get there.  Not exactly the time killer Dan and Jordan were counting on. 

However, look at that pun!  Counting on!  Dan’s ability to count is exactly what saved the brothers.  I’m good.

At the front of the pack, Brent and Caite’s ability to read a map needs to be applauded.  Not because it was such an amazing feat, but because how many times have we seen teams be completely useless when it comes to reading a map?  And of all the teams, who could have expected these two to be the ones who use it to their advantage?  Because of Caite’s inability to count, the lead they gained on Jet and Cord by taking the bus to the temple because crucial to winning the leg.

Brent and Caite Ride in the Motorcycle

Down to the final three teams, let’s take a look back at my pre-race odds and predictions and handicap the final race for one million dollars

Brent and Caite - Pre-race odds: 100-1.  Current odds of winning: 3-1

Before the race I wrote: “Hopefully, Caite is better at reading a map than articulating about America’s geographical education.”  Whoa!  Talk about clairvoyant.  Between the pair, Caite has been the one who’s been most adept with directions and reading a map and it’s served them well.  More than anything, Brent and Caite have had a mistake free race for a number of consecutive legs.  They’ve been largely over looked and made one of the biggest plays in the game by U-Turning Carol and Brandi which led to their elimination. 

Dan and Jordan - Pre-race odds: 40-1.  Current odds of winning: 6-1

I swear, I had not seen a moment of the show before writing my preview: “Another brother team, but somehow these guys seem a bit more susceptible to drama.”  While they’ve largely escaped drama throughout the race, especially with each other, they almost completely melted down on the last leg.  The race is only going to get more stressful in the final leg and they will not have their daddy’s, Louie and Michael, to rely on to help with a language barrier. 

Jet and Cord – Pre-race odds: 25-1.  Current odds of winning: 1-2

The pre-race favorite remains the favorite heading into the final leg for the same reasons I wrote back in January:  “all-male teams benefit most from the complete lack of in-fighting amongst the teammates.”  In fact, Jet and Cord are the exact opposite and they have each had nothing but complimentary things to say to each other, culminating in Cord saying that he’d trust Jet with his life.  Brent and Caite have given the cowboys all they can handle recently, but when the pressure mounts, the cowboys will remain cool enough to win.

Jet and Cord Check Stamps

As I mentioned last week, this has been one of the most likable casts in The Amazing Race history.  If Caite were not still bitter about being made fun of for her beauty pageant comments, it’d be completely devoid of villains, to root against.  Even if the couple does win, I will certainly be happy for them (while destroyed that my man-crushes, Jet and Cord, did not win). 

We end this week with just one question for our readers:

Who will win The Amazing Race?

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