The Simpsons Review: "Moe Letter Blues"

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While this week's Mother's Day episode of The Simpsons was a pretty obvious homage to the 1949 movie, A Letter to Three Wives, the episode was still more than enjoyable for those of us who have never seen the flick.

Happy Mothers Day

The episode saw the unlikely trio of Homer, Reverend Lovejoy and Apu as they got a letter from Moe saying that he plans to run off with one of their wives, but would not mention who.  Trapped on the newly invented, incredibly round Weasel Island, the boys were stuck going through a series of flashbacks to figure out who's relationship was the most dysfunctional.

In the end, "Moe Letter Blues" cleverly found a way to make Moe fix all three marriages without running away with any of them women.  A little cheesy?  Sure.  But this is The Simpsons.  Do we need another Van Houten divorce?

The flashbacks definitely had some hilarious moments including a thousand devils d'ohing on Homer's shoulder.  Moe was fantastic as a narrator and even better when he took advantage of his ominscient point of view.  But the best line definitely went to Uncle Otto about Luann.

His line and the rest of our favorite Simpsons quotes are after the jump.

Moe: I moved here because on a calculator, the ZIP Code spells "boobs." | permalink
Homer: Go ugly up someone else's house, you penis-curling she devils. | permalink
Moe: Think of it as a wake-up call from a man with nothin' but a blow-up doll. And even she left me. Shouldn't have used helium. | permalink
Manjula: My eyes have more bags than the Darjeeling Limited.
Moe: Hah, that's probably a good one. | permalink
Kurt: Milhouse and I are next.
Otto: There's no suspense at your place. Even I hooked up with your old lady. Sorry, kid.
Milhouse: You were my favorite uncle, Uncle Otto. | permalink

Moe Letter Blues Review

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I moved here because on a calculator, the ZIP Code spells "boobs."