V Review: "Fruition"

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Finally, Erica and Anna square off in this week's episode "Fruition" and we know we weren't the only ones waiting around for this moment to happen!

Concerned Erica

The best scene of the night was the scene where Anna and Erica both tell each other:

Anna: I'm sure we will cross paths again soon.
Erica: I'm not going anywhere Anna.
Anna: As of this evening, neither am I. | permalink

What an icy moment! If looks could kill, right?! We know that Erica knows that Hobbes and Parker were not the people who assaulted Lisa, but does Anna know that Erica isn't the dumb blond? We have a feeling that Anna knows Erica may hold better cards then what pretends to have.

Since the season finale (hopefully, not the series finale!) is right around the corner, do you think that Anna and Erica will duel it out? We hope so! Kick some alien lizard a$$!

It was interesting to see that since Valerie left, Ryan is having doubts about being in the resistance. He openly discusses this with Jack who tells him to have faith. Even though he teeters on the fence throughout the episode, he does end up shutting the blinds to keep away Anna's "bliss". And from the previews, we know his baby is on its way - will that mean Ryan will continue to fight the good fight? We think so!

Lisa is completely showing us her more human side. Even at the end, she gives Joshua a look while she should be basking in her mother's "bliss". Lisa will be key to keeping the eggs from hatching. Do you think her mother will find out that she has human emotions? Also, why do you think she lied about Parker being the one who assaulted her?

A question we have - why does Anna so desperately want Erica? We find out that she is using Tyler as a pawn to get to his mother, but why? What role does Erica play for Anna?

We absolutely love the high intensity of this show and can't wait to see what happens next week! Follow the jump to read a few of our favorite V quotes and don't forget to leave your own opinions below!

Anna: I'm only looking out for what's best for both of us. | permalink
Marcus: Gutsy move for showing your face in public, Mr. Hobbes. | permalink
Erica: Holding onto something that makes you feel safe gives you strength - trust me. | permalink
Anna: A picture is worth a thousand words. | permalink
Lisa: I don't understand - why would someone do this to me? | permalink

Fruition Review

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V Season 1 Episode 11 Quotes

Erica: The men that hurt you - do you recognize them from anywhere?
Lisa: No.

I don't understand - why would someone do this to me?