Emily VanCamp's Role on Brothers & Sisters "Reduced"

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Emily VanCamp is not being let go from Brothers & Sisters, but the actress who plays Rebecca won't be nearly as big of a presence in the upcoming season, either.

VanCamp's number of appearance will be reduced, according to E! Online. "They're still working out the exact number," one source who works on the show said.

Some report that the 25-year-old will only appear in two episodes toward the beginning of the new season before her character is written out for unknown reasons.

Does that mean Rebecca and Justin are over? It wouldn't be the most surprising thing, given their tumultuous past, but wouldn't it be sad to see Emily go for good?

In any case, it's the latest of many cuts the ABC drama has made.

Holly and Rebecca

Emily VanCamp, right, with on-screen mom Patricia Wettig.

Balthazar Getty, due to personal problems and character's less significant role, was pulled out for an extended period before Tommy Walker returned a recurring character this year.

Sarah Jane Morris was written out, as was Luke Grimes, followed by Rob Lowe, whose character died, leaving the future of Sen. Robert McCallister's wife Kitty uncertain as well.

Calista Flockhart is rumored to be appearing on only 13 episodes this season, although she retains series regular status and says Kitty will do just fine after her husband's death.

"I don't think Kitty will be single for that long," said the actress, who just tied the knot with Harrison Ford herself. "She'll have lots of guys in the picture - at least, I hope."

Brothers & Sisters spoilers have indicated that the show may pick up a year after this past season finale as a means of adjusting to casting changes and introducing new stories.

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